MCQs of Islamic Jurisprudence

Diyas means?

  1. blood money
  2. debt
  3. common Liability
  4. all of them

Aqilah means?

  1. tribe or regimen
  2. sane man
  3. sane woman
  4. learned in the law
  5. none of these

Isolated tradition is called?

  1. Ahlaf
  2. Ahad
  3. Agar
  4. none of these

What is the maximum period of gestation according to Imam Malik?

  1. 4 years
  2. 6 years
  3. 2 lunar years
  4. 10 lunar years
  5. none of these

Imam Muhammad and Imam Abu Yusuf were the disciples of?

  1. Imam Malik
  2. Imam Abu Hanifa
  3. Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal
  4. none of these

Sale of money for money is called

  1. Bai
  2. Wadi
  3. Urban
  4. Sarf
  5. none of these

A woman is disqualified for the officer of Qadi according to?

  1. Hanifits
  2. Malikis
  3. Shafts
  4. none of these

According to Imam Abu Hanifa, a Qadi should not be allowed to hold office for more than?

  1. three years
  2. two years
  3. one year
  4. five years
  5. none of these

T-atavras Alamgiri was complied in the?

  1. tenth century of the Hijra
  2. fifteenth century of the Hijra
  3. eleventh century of the Hijra
  4. none of these

Aqd means?

  1. consideration
  2. satisfaction
  3. contract
  4. none of these

The equivalent of law in the Islamic Legal system is?

  1. ijtihad
  2. Obligation
  3. Hukm-e-Shari
  4. none of these

TaqIid means?

  1. to pursue
  2. to agree
  3. to follow a school of law 
  4. none of these

Muqayada is?

  1. sale of goods for goods
  2. sale of goods for money
  3. sale of money for money

Mubaqala means?

  1. sale of dates on a tree in consideration for plucked dates
  2. sale of wheat in ears or of a fetus in the womb
  3. sales in which price was paid in advance

Ibadat is?

  1. attOrnments
  2. acts of devotion pure and simple

Ghasib (Usurper) means one?

  1. who takes or keeps the thing without permission of the owner
  2. who holds the goods on behalf of others
  3. who takes the property on lease

Treaty is?

  1. An agreement concluded between a Modaraba company and its shareholders
  2. An agreement concluded by a Muslim head of state with non-Muslim or other sovereign states,
  3. agreement between the partners of a firm

What Does Qazi mean?

  1. An Imam Masjid
  2. A teacher of Islamic Fiqh
  3. Judge appointed by a state for judicial duties

Representation principle is a?

  1. representing the case of the client by council
  2. rule of inheritance under the Islamic law
  3. choosing a person as a member of the legislative assembly

Under Islamic law?

  1. there are two kinds of punishments
  2. there are three kinds of punishments
  3. there are four kinds of punishments

Different schools of Islamic law denote?

  1. sects
  2. sub-sects
  3. systems of interpretation
  4. none of these

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