MCQs of Islamic Jurisprudence

How many kinds of Revelation?

A. one kind
B. two kinds
C. four kinds
D. six kinds

Traditions according to the nature of their proof are grouped into?

A. one group
B. two groups
C. three groups
D. six groups

The text upon which the authority of Islam is pounded included

A. Qur’anic texts only
B. traditions only
C. both a & b
D. none of these

Ijma in Sunni Jurisprudence is?

A. essential and mandatory
B. discretionary
C. all of these
D. none of these

Ijma may be constituted by decision expressed

A. In words of Jurists
B. By practice jurists
C. both a & b
D. By the practice of Jurists none of these

Ijma may be based on the text of the Qur’an or Ahadith or an analogy. This is the view of

A. all the Sunni schools
B. all the Hanbali schools
C. all the Shafi schools
D. all the Maliki schools

The word Mujtahid is equal to?

A. Nomen agentis
B. Jurisprudence
C. Jurisprudential
D. all of the above

What does Ashab mean?

A. friends of The Holy Prophet (SAW)
B. companions of The Holy Prophet (SAW)
C. residuary
D. all of the above

What does Asnad mean?

A. authority of law
B. criminal law
C. international law
D. statement of authorities in a tradition

The term used to define torts in Arabic is?

A. Janayat
B. Lian
C. Iqala
D. Jarh

What does Muqallids mean?

A. followers
B. friends
C. companions
D. residuary

Abu Yousuf, Zufar, Muhammad and Hassan were chief disciples of?

A. Imam Abu Hanifa
B. Imam Shall
C. Imam Hanbali
D. Imam Maliki

Abu Hanifa was born in the year?

A. 70 A.H.
B. 80 A.H.
C. 90 A.H.
D. 95 A.H.

When Abu Hanifa died?

A. 120 A.H.
B. 130 A.H.
C. 140 A.H.
D. 150 A.H

Imam Malik was born in?

A. 95 A.H.
B. 87 A.H.
C. 85 A.H.

Imam Malik died in?

A. 173 A.H.
B. 175 A.H.
C. 177 A.H
D. 179 A.H.

Imam Hanbal was born in?

A. 162 A.H.
B. 164 A.H. 
C. 166 A.H.
D. 168 A.H.

Imam Shafi born in?

A. 140 A.H.
B. 150 A.H.
C. 160 A.H.
D. 170 A.H.

Imam Shafi died in?

A. 200 A.H.
B. 202 A.H.
C. 204 A.H.
D. 206 A.H.

Isolated tradition is called?

A. Ahlaf
B. Alal
C. Agar
D. Ahad

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