MCQs of Succession Act, 1925

The MCQs of Succession Act, 1925 is given here in a Quiz format. The Succession Act, 1925 is a subject of LL.B Part II. The basic objective behind these Important MCQs of the Succession Act, 1925 is to prepare the students for the different examinations like LAW GAT, LAW Entry Tests, ADPP, Civil Judge, and Additional Judge examinations.

So let’s have a look at the most important MCQs of the Succession Act, 1925.

#1. The term succession certificate means that the instrument which

#2. Succession certificate is a _____________ certifying the entitlement of a particular person or persons to successions of a deceased person

#3. Object of succession certificates is the:

#4. District Judge with in whose jurisdiction the deceased ordinary resided at the time of____ .

#5. Succession certificate has to be granted to a miner then

#6. Who can apply for succession certificate:

#7. Procedure an application succession certificate prescribes under section:

#8. Limitation for application of the succession certificate

#9. Revocation means:

#10. Who can revoke cancellation certificate?

#11. Causes / grounds of revocation of succession certificate are described under section:

#12. The succession certificate can be revoked on the grounds of

#13. Who can apply for revocation of succession certificate

#14. Appeal shall be against the order of district judge of the:

#15. Will means deposition of property which takes effect

#16. The purpose of will is to enable a person to _______ his property as he wished after his death

#17. Form of will are:

#18. A will is liable to be revoked or altered by the

#19. Essentials of will are:

#20. Kinds of will are:

#21. Types of will are:

#22. Modes of revocation of will are:

#23. Domicile can be acquired by the following ways:

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