Important MCQs of Contract Act 1872 Fully Solved

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Agreements the meaning of which is no certain or capable of being made certain are void.

A. True
B. False

Asghar agrees with Sajid to discover Sajid’s lost gold watch by Magic. The contract is:

A. valid
B. void
C. voidable
D. none of above

When the parties to a contract agree to substitute a new contract for a contract, that is called

A. alteration
B. novation
C. recission
D. none of above

When one or more terms of the parties are altered with the consent of the parties it is known as:

A. novation
B. recission
C. alteration
D. none of above

A surety is a person who gives the guarantee.

A. True
B. False

Then all or some of the terms of a contract are canceled, the contract is said to be:

A. altered
B. novated
C. rescinded
D. none of above

Mushtaq induced Hanif to enter into a contract by fraud. The contract is:

A. void
B. valid
C. voidable
D. none of above

The primary meaning of wagering is staking something of aka upon the result of some future uncertain event.

A. True
B. False

Ali promised to supply certain garments to Amir after six months. After six months the garments become out of fashion.

A. All & Amir are bounded to perform the contract
B. All & Amir can rescind the contract
C. The contract becomes void
D. none of above

Aslam owes Majid, Rs. 50,000/- Aslam paid Majid Rs. 45,000/- and Majid accepts it in full settlement of the draft of Rs. 50,000/- Now?

A. the old debt remains there
B. the rest of the amount if payable the old debt is discharged
C. the old debt is discharged
D. none of above

Hamid employs Rasheed to paint his house. Later on, Hamid forbids him of doing so. Rasheed is:

A. bound to perform the contract
B. no longer bound to perform the promise
C. both the parties are bound for performance
D. none of above

When parties to a contract agree that they shall no longer be bound by the contract. Then it is called

A. merger
B. alteration
C. waiver
D. none of above

A Quasi-contract is an obligation imposed by law because at the conduct of the parties.

A. True
B. False

An agreement to do an act impossible in itself is called is?

A. voidable contract
B. void agreement
C. valid agreement
D. none of above

If a party breaks his obligation which the contract. imposes, there takes place.

A. alteration of a contract
B. novation of contract
C. breach of contract
D. none of above

Asad agrees to provide Bashir, 20,000 bags of Jute on 31.12.1999. Asad fails to do so. There is?

A. fault of Bashir
B. contract will remain to continue
C. actual breach of contract by Asad
D. none of above

Asad provided the agreed quantity of a product on the decided date to Bashir. Bashir refused to accept it without any reasonable cause.

A. fault of Asad
B. Bashir has committed actual breach
C. contract will remain to continue
D. none of above

The Monetary compensation awarded to the injured party for the loss occasioned to him is called:

A. compensation
B. Damages
C. nothing of above
D. none of above

Damages which naturally arose in the usual course of things from a breach are called:

A. damages
B. special damages
C. ordinary damages
D. none of above

The damages which do not form part of the law of contract are known as:

A. special damages
B. vindictive damages
C. none of the above


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