Important MCQs of Contract Act 1872 Fully Solved

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Aslam promises to put life in Bashir’s dead body for Rs 50,000/-. The contract is void due to:

A. Uncertainty
B. legal impossibility
C. Physical impossibility
D. none of above

Arshad promises his son Mohsin to give his Rs. 75,000/, Arshad puts this promise in writing and gets it registered. If Arshad to father fails to pay then

A. his son Mohsin will have no legal right
B. Mohsin can enforce the contract
C. The contract is void
D. none of above

Ali finds the purse of Answer and gives it to him. Answer promises to pay Rs. 2000/- for a reward to Ali. There is a?

A. no contract at all
B. contract
C. no agreement
D. none of above

Free consent is a consent which has been obtained by the free will of the parties.

A. True
B. False

A contract made by a Minor is?

A. Voidable
B. Valid
C. Void
D. none of above

A principal debtor is a person in respect of whose default the guarantee is given.

A. True
B. False

A minor borrowed a sum of money, executing a simple bond for it. After attaining majority he executed a second bond in respect of original loan plus interest.

A. A suit on the first bond will be maintainable
B. A suit on the second bond will be maintainable
C. no suit will be maintainable
D. none of above

Ahmed got the consent of Aslam to sell his car on gunpoint. This is an example of?

A. undue influence
B. Coercion
C. Fraud
D. none of above

All threatened Imran to murder his son if Imran will not enter into a contract. Imran agreed.

A. the contract is valid
B. the contract is voidable
C. the contract is void
D. none of above

Mehmood threatened All that if Ali will not enter into a contract he will commit suicide. Ali gave his consent:

A. consent obtained through coercion
B. consent obtained through fraud
C. consent obtained through misrepresentation
D. none of above

Babar having advanced money to his son Anwer during his minority, upon Anwer coming of age, by misusing of parental influence, Baber took a bond from Anwar of greater amount than the amount due

A. the contract is made under misrepresentation
B. the contract is made by fraud
C. the contract is made under undue influence
D. none of above

Baqar being an advocate purchases the car of his client Qamar For Rs. 50,000/- whereas the. market value of their care war Rs. 100,000/- Baqar has. employed:

A. coercion
B. Fraud
C. undue influence
D. none of above

Saif applied to a banker for Loan. Banker charged high-interest rate for allowed the loan due to stringency in the money market. Saif agrees.

A. the contract is induced by undue influence
B. the contract is not induced by undue influence
C. the contract is induced by coercion
D. none of above

Amir, a doctor asked his patient to pay an unreasonable amount for his professional services. The patient had to pay, as he was enfeebled by disease

A. Amir has employed undue influence
B. Amir has employed fraud
C. Amir has employed coercion
D. none of above

When the consent under the undue influence is obtained the contract is?

A. void
B. voidable
C. valid
D. none of above

Imran sells his car by auction to Mehmood, a car which Imran knew out of order. Imran says nothing to Mehmood about the condition of the car

A. this is not a fraud by Imam
B. this is a misrepresentation by Imam
C. this is a fraud by Imran
D. none of above

Mehmood asked Imran that if you will not deny it I will consider that the car is in good condition. Imran remained silent.

A. Imran’s silence is equivalent to fraud
B. Imran’s silence is a misrepresentation
C. Imran’s silence is undue influence
D. none of above

If the representation is held false than the contract is?

A. Void
B. Valid
C. Voidable
D. none of above

Anwar told All that his horse can run 20 km at stretch and thus induces All to buy his horse. It turns out that he horse can run only 5 k.m at a stretch. Anwar is guilty of?

A. Fraud
B. Misrepresentation
C. Co-version
D. none of above

Akhtar showed his age 26 years instead of 29 years believing it to be true. The life insurance company of rage 26 had low premium rates the policy was issued. The insurance company has been inducted into a contract by?

A. Fraud
B. Under influence
C. Misrepresentation
D. none of above


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