Important MCQs of Contract Act 1872 Fully Solved

Which of the following is NOT a type of misrepresentation?

A. Fraudulent misrepresentation
B. Innocent misrepresentation
C. Criminal misrepresentation
D. Negligent misrepresentation

At common law, duress makes the contract:

A. Voidable
B. Void
C. Illegal
D. A valid contract that binds both parties

Where undue influence has been used to form the contract, the effect is that the contract is:

A. Void
B. A valid contract that binds both parties
C. Illegal
D. Voidable

When a contract has been agreed on the basis of a fraudulent misrepresentation, which of the following remedies is/are available?

A. Both damages and rescission
B. Damages only
C. An injunction only
D. Rescission only

How is economic duress evidenced in the agreement to a contract?

i) Evidence of a bad bargain
ii) Illegitimate pressure
iii) A false statement that has induced the other party into the contract
iv) There was no other option for the claimant than to accept the contract

A. All of the elements above
B. II and IV
C. I and III
D. II and III

A warranty may be classified as:

A. The most important term of the contract
B. Not a term but a representation
C. A term that may only be identified following consideration (of the consequences of the breach)
D. A lesser term of the contracts


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