Important MCQs of Contract Act 1872 Fully Solved

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The bailment in which either the bailor or the bailee is entitled to some remuneration is called:

A. gratuitous bailment
B. simple bailment
C. bailment for reward
D. none of above

Asad let out a motor car for hire to Munir. This will be called:

A. bailment for reward
B. simple bailment
C. gratuitous bailment
D. none of above

Bailment of. goods as a security for payment of a debt or performance of a promise is called:

A. bailment
B. guarantee
C. pledge
D. none of above

A bailor is called a:

A. pawnce
B. pawner
C. both A & B
D. none of above

A bailee is called a:

A. pawnee
B. pawner
C. both A & B
D. none of above

Pledge is supposed to be a special kind of:

A. security for a debt
B. to securing performance of a promise
C. bailment
D. none of above

Ali pledged some goods to Waqar for the clearance of a debt. Unless Ali pays the said debt:

A. Waqar has a right to retain the goods
B. Waqar will have to deliver the goods
C. both A & B
D. none of above

Shand pledged some goods with Naeem. Naeem had to incur some expenses in the handling of those goods.

A. Naeem can sue for recovery of such expenses
B. Naeem has no right to recover that amount
C. both A & B
D. none of above

Saleem being a Pawnee held the goods pledged by Anwar for a reasonable time but. Anwar did not clear the particular debt.

A. Saleem will have to weight for Anwar
B. Saleem has a right to sell the goods
C. both A & B
D. none of above

During selling the goods pledged if the pledgee buys the goods himself it becomes:

A. void
B. valid
C. voidable
D. none of above

A Pawnor has one of the following rights:

A. right of compensation
B. right of redemption
C. both A & B
D. none of above

Munir pledged some goods with Bakar. Now before the stipulated time, Munir paid the particular debt. Munir has a right to:

A. not to enforce Bakar to return the goods
B. be returned the goods by Bakar
C. both A & B
D. none of above

The pledge can be only made by the real owner of the things:

A. True
B. False

One of the following can pledge the goods instead of the real owner is some special circumstances.

A. any heir
B. any friend
C. mercantile agent
D. none of above

Baber sells goods to Ata who pays for them and leaves the goods in Baber’s custody. Baber pledges the goods with Qamar, who does not know that goods have been sold to Ata. The pledge is:

A. void
B. voidable
C. Valid
D. none of above

Aslam found a watch on the road. Had it repaired in Rs 100/-. Then pledged it for Rs. 500/-. The real owner can recover the watch from the shop by paying.

A. Rs. 500/-
B. Rs. 200/-
C. Rs. 100/- 
D. none of above

A joint owner of goods can pledge the goods.

A. according to his own will
B. by the consent of other co-owners
C. free to pledge the goods
D. none of above

Bakar theft some goods. He cannot pledge those goods because of he:

A. does not want to show them
B. thief has no title of goods
C. both A & B
D. none of above

A person employed to do act for another Or to represent another in dealings with third parties is called

A. the manager
B. the secretary
C. the agent
D. none of above

Jani appointed Ata to do act for him or to represent in dealings with third parties. Since Ata is an agent and Jani will be:

A. the Boss
B. the master
C. the principal
D. none of above

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