Important MCQs of Contract Act 1872 Fully Solved

I want to purchase this car for Rs. 500,000/- it is a/an

A. offer
B. statement
C. promise
D. none of above

The person who makes the proposal/offer is known as

A. acceptor
B. promisor
C. proposer
D. none of above

The person who accepts the proposal is known as

A. promise
B. promisor
C. proposer
D. none of above

All wrote a letter to All “I will sell you my car for Rs, 100,000/- and if don’t receive a reply from you I shall assure you have accepted the offer. In this case, if no reply,”

A. offer will be considered accepted
B. three will be a contract
C. there will be no contract
D. none of above

A offers to sell a table to Y .for Rs. 500/- accepts the offer to purchase the table for Rs. 500/-. This is an example of:

A. promise
B. agreement
C. acceptance
D. all of the above

Akhtar, Ahmad, and Sultan enter into an agreement to divide among themselves the money acquired by them by fraud:

A. agreement
B. promise
C. void agreement
D. none of above

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Younas proposes Aslam by a letter to sell his car at a certain prim. The letter is posted on 10th December instant. The communication of the offer is complete when

A. Younas posts the letter
B. Aslam sent his acceptance
C. Aslam receives the letter
D. none of above

A creditor is a person to whom the guarantee is given.

A. True
B. False

A seller agrees to sell the goods subject to the condition that the buyer pays’ the price before a particular date if the buyer fails to pay.

A. the offer is accepted
B. the offer stands revoked
C. the offer is-valid
D. none of above

Saleem promises to sell his house to Badar for Rs. One million. Saleem’s consent is obtained by fraud. The contract is:

A. Voidable at the option of Badar
B. Valid and binding, on both parties
C. Voidable at the option of Saleem
D. none of above

If the offeror acceptance is made in words it will be considered as?

A. unenforceable contract
B. voidable contract
C. express contract
D. none of above

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When somebody boards a local bus is an example of?

A. implied contract
B. void contract
C. Quasi-contract
D. none of above

Ali finds certain goods belonging to Aslam. Ali keeps them in custody and incurs some expenses in searching Aslam. There is a?

A. implied contract
B. Quasi-contract
C. express contract
D. none of above

Bakar painted the house of All and Akhtar paid him the amount agreed this is a:

A. express contract
B. Quasi-contract
C. executed contract
D. none of above

Arif agrees to paint Ali’s portrait, in consideration Arif agrees to pay his Rs. 100/-. The contract is:

A. Express
B. Executed
C. Executory
D. none of above

Two or more persons are said to consent when they agree upon the same thing in the same sense.

A. True
B. False

Ali agrees to sell his house to Imran for Rs. One million, Here for Ali’s promise the consideration is?

A. One million
B. Promise of Ali
C. No consideration
D. none of above

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Ashraf promises to pay Rs.5,000/- to Badar and gets nothing in return. If Ashraf does not pay to Badar then:

A. Badar will be able to sue Ashraf
B. Ashraf will be Liable to pay for breach contract
C. Badar will have no legal remedy
D. none of above

Ali receives Rs. 500/- in return for the goods he delivered to Akram, The consideration is:

A. Not there
B. present
C. contract is void
D. none of above

Ali owes Rs. 200/- to Bashir. Ali promises to pay Rs. 50 to Fazal who is a servant of Bashir, for discharging Ali from the debt. The contract is void due to?

A. Uncertainty
B. Physical impossibility
C. legal impossibility
D. none of above

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