MCQs of Constitution of Pakistan 1973

Chairman and deputy chairman are elected for a term of?

A. 3 years *
B. 4 years
C. 6 yeas
D. none of above

In absence of the president and chairman senate who will be the active president

A. speaker National Assembly *
B. Deputy Speaker Senate
C. Senior Minister
D. none of these

Generally, the president follow the advice of the

A. Prime Minister *
B. Parliament
C. Chief Minister of Pakistan
D. none of these

After passing a bill from the parliament it is sent to the president for assent

A. True *
B. false

Article 62 and 63 deals with the qualification and disqualification of the member of?

A. Senate
B. National Assembly
C. Both A & B *
D. President

Writ of prohibition is issued to?

A. any person
B. any officer of the government
C. to an inferior court
D. all of the above *

How many seats of technocrats are in the senate?

A. 4 *
B. 5
C. 7
D. 6

The lower house of parliament is known as?

A. National Assembly *
B. Senate
C. House of representatives
D. Majlis-e-Shura

President shall be the head of the state under article

A. 41 *
B. 43
C. 45
D. 61

A person shall be qualified for election as President unless he is?

A. 42 years of age
B. 45 years of age *
C. 52 years of age
D. none of these

When will the office of chairman senate vacant?

A. when he resigns his office
B. he ceases to be a member of the senate
C. he is removed from office
D. all of above *

President is elected under?

A. 2nd schedule *
B. 3rd schedule
C. 4th schedule
D. none of these

Ministers in Pakistan are responsible for?

A. president
B. prime minister
C. parliament *
D. none of these

The chairman or deputy chairman shall make oath before the?

A. President
B. Chief Minister
C. Senate *
D. none of these

The quorum of the senate is?

A. 1/4 of members *
B. 1/2 of members
C. 2/3 of members
D. 1/3 of members

The presiding officer of the senate or upper house is?

A. Chairman or deputy chairman *
B. President
C. Speaker of National Assembly
D. None of the above

After the 8th amendment in the 1973 constitution, the parliament consists of?

A. President
B. National Assembly
C. Senate
D. All of the above *

Which amendment has closed the door of horse-trading

A. 12th
B. 13th
C. 15th
D. 14th *

1st Amendment in the constitution was passed in?

A. 1973
B. 1974 *
C. 1975
D. 1976

Article 1 describes the name of Pakistan which is?

A. Democratic Republic of Pakistan
B. Islamic Democratic of Pakistan
C.  Islamic Republic of Pakistan *
D. none of these

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