MCQs of Constitution of Pakistan 1973

The power to legislate on the concurrent legislative list is exercised by?

A. provincial Govt.
B. federal Govt.
C. both A & B *
D. none of these

Islamic provisions in the constitution of 1973 are given in chapter

A. IX *
B. X
D. none of these

After 1st reading of the bill, it is presented for?

A. 2nd reading
B. the committee stage *
C. to opposition leader
D. none of above

All decision in the mediation committee will be decided on the majority

A. True *
B. False

The bill will be sent to the mediation committee under article

A. 70(1)
B. 70(2) *
C. 70(3)
D. none of these

A voter shall not be less than the age of

A. 18 years *
B. 20 Years
C. 21 Years
D. none of these

A person so arrested shall be produced before a magistrate within 24 hours under article

A. 10 *
B. 9
C. 8
D. All of the above

Article 9 will be applied to an enemy alien

A. True *
B. False

Full faith and credit for public acts will be given throughout Pakistan under article

A. 148
B. 150 *
C. 151
D. none of these

Governor Has a?

A. a fixed tenure
B. not fixed tenure *

Governors are appointed by?

A. President *
B. prime minister
C. parliament
D. none of these

Governor is bound by the advice of?

A. president
B. Prime Minister
C. Chief Minister *
D. none of these

Who is the appointing authority of the vice-chancellors

A. Governor
B. Chief Minister
C. governor on the advice of the chief minister *
D. none of these

Who has the power to dissolve the provincial assembly?

A. President
B. Governor *
C.  Chief Minister
D. none of these

In a parliamentary form of government who is more powerful

A. President
B. Prime Minister *
C. Governor
D.  None of these

Who will appoint the members of the cabinet?

A. Prime Minister
B. President *
C. Parliament
D. none of these

A constitution can be amended by the parliament with?

A. 1/3 majority *
B. 2/3 majority
C. 3/4 majority
D.  none of these

Assent of the president is?

A. required for amending the constitution
B. required for a new constitution
C. not required for amending the constitution
D. both A & B *

What are Kinds of emergencies?

A. emergency due to war, external or internal disturbance.
B. Emergency due to breaking down of constitutional machinery
C. Financial emergency
D. All of the above *

Constitution of 1973 provides that head of the state shall be

A. Muslim *
B. non-Muslim

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