Written Reply/Statement of Suit for Dissolution of Marriage

Filing a written reply of any court case is necessary. You cannot avoid such court case. In this case when there is court case of Dissolution of Marriage against you, then the draft that you will prepare is just looks like this. You can also see the draft of a suit of dissolution of marriage here.

(Written Reply / Statement)

IN THE COURT OF______________________

Suit No. ______________________

In Reply: __________________VERSUS______________________


It is honorable submitted as under: –


1. Admitted

2. Denied. The plaintiff never quarreled the plaintiff and never turned her out of his house. The plaintiff left the house of the plaintiff with her own wish and without any force.

3. No Concern.

4. Denied. The plaintiff and her kinsfolks never approached the plaintiff for the solution of her problems, therefore there is no question of acceptance or refusal of the proposal supposed to have been given to the defendant by the relatives of the plaintiff.

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5. Legal

6. Legal

7. Legal


In view of the above it is prayed as under:

1. The suit may very kindly be discharged.

2. The Costs of this suit may also be conferred to the defendant.

3. Any other relief considered probable by this Respected Court may also be granted.

Through Counsel, Mr.


Verified on oath at this __ day of_____ that the contents of this written statement are correct to my knowledge and belief.


You can fill the above legal draft by putting necessary information in the blanks according to the suit that is filed against you in the family court of your city. This is a complete demonstration of a draft that a real advocate or your counselor will prepare for you against that family case. Here we have given this draft so that you may have a good idea about preparing the necessary legal draft.

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Moazzam Akaram
Moazzam Akaram

Thanks. Now I know how to prepare a written reply for this suit.

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