Petition for Ejectment of Tenant on the Ground of Default in Payment of Rent

Landlord and Tenant are two most important parts in the Law. Landlord can ask the tenant to eject their property if he has been default of payment of rent for last few month. The Landlord in this regard can file a petition of ejectment of tenant when they become a defaulter of payment of rent. The court of rent controller of your city then decides the matter according to law.

The format of fling a petition of ejectment of tenant is given here for your continence. You can simply add necessary information in this draft and your petition will be ready to file in the court.


IN THE COURT OF RENT CONTROLLER ______________________

__________________Son of ______________________ R/O _________________




__________________Son of ______________________ R/O _________________




It is honorable submitted as under: –

  1. That the above-named defendant rented a house  No. 20-B, Gulberg Colony III, Lahore at the monthly rent of 9,000/- from the plaintiff and performed a rent deed in favor of the plaintiff. The copy of the rent-deed is enclosed with this petition.
  2. That according to the rent-deed, the above-stated house was rented by the defendant for a fixed period of three years from ______ to ______.
  3. The defendant regularly paid the monthly rent of the first year of the agreement period, but he never paid the monthly rent of last eight months to the plaintiff.
  4. Also, he has denied ejecting the house after the definite period of three years of the agreement. Now therefore he is living in the rented house unlawfully and without any legal justification.
  5. Also, the plaintiff wants back his house for personal bonafide need.
  6. That the cause of action initially arises on ______ when the defendant denied paying the monthly rent of the house, and secondly and finally on ______ when the period of the agreement was over and the defendant refused to eject the rented house.
  7. That plaintiff and the defendant reside at ________ and the rented house is located
    at _________ therefore, Rent Controller of the ____________ has the jurisdiction to decide this application.
  8. The Court fee of Rs. _______ is affixed on this application.

In view of the above it is prayed as under:


1. The respondent may very kindly be ejected from the rented house owned by the petitioner.

2. The sum unpaid of rent may very kindly be recovered from the respondent.

3. It must be ordered to the respondent to render all the accounts honestly.

4. Any other relief considered probable by this Respected Court may also be granted.


Through  Counsel, Mr.



Verified on oath at this __ day of January, ____ that the contents of the paragraphs 1 to 5
are true to the best of my knowledge while rest of paragraphs are correct to my information and belief.


So, this is the most easy and common draft that so many lawyers uses while filing the petition of ejectment of tenant in the court.  You can use this draft with little or no modification. If you have any query regarding this petition then you are can ask in the comment section below.

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