Suit for Dissolution of Partnership and Rendition of Accounts

When a partnership broken between two partners of a business then anyone can file a petition of dissolution  partnership and rendition of accounts as per law. Mostly people file such petition when they detect fraud or misrepresentation in the accounts of the company. And when they are unable to solve their matter themselves then they seek help of the court for the dissolution of their partnership.

The format of the petition for filing in the court is given here. You can simple use this format to file your petition in the court with a little or no modification. You can also view the para wise written reply for Dissolution of partnership here.


IN THE COURT OF______________________

__________________Son of ______________________ R/O _________________




__________________Son of ______________________ R/O _________________




It is honorable submitted as under: –

  1. That the plaintiff and the defendant run the business of retail sale of clothes since January 2016. The name and style of our brand is “Style Fabrics” situated at _______. A partnership agreement covering terms and conditions of the partnership was executed on 01-05-2016. The copy of the Partnership Deed is attached to this suit.
  2. That according to the terms of the partnership, the defendant was in charge of the internal section of the business ie., supervision and maintenance of accounts, while the plaintiff was to be marketing executive of the business for the advertising of the sale of the business.
  3. That the defendant had Committed some breaches to the terms of the partnership which are as under:
  • Defendant did not allow the plaintiff to examine the accounts book.
  • The defendant did not render the accounts for the last 5 years.
  • Now defendant gave over ten packs of clothes to his kinsfolks free of cost without
    giving information and taking approval from the plaintiff.
  • The defendant frequently dodges to pay the utility bills of the buildings of the
    business. Hence this suit.

4. That the cause of action arose firstly on 04-10-2015 when the plaintiff required the
defendant to render the accounts but the defendant denied to do the same, and secondly and finally, ten days ago, when the defendant utterly denied doing the needful.

5. That the plaintiff and defendant reside at___________ and run their business at___________ therefore, the Civil Court of having the jurisdiction to decree this suit.

6. That the valuation of the suit for the determinations of court fee and jurisdiction has been fixed at Rs. 22,000/- therefore no Court fee is liable to be attached on this plaint.

In view of the above it is prayed as under:


  1. The partnership between the plaintiff and the defendant may kindly be dissolved.
  2. The defendant may kindly be directed to render the accounts of the last 5 years.
  3. The shares of the plaintiff and the defendant arising out of the rendering of accounts may kindly be equally dispersed between plaintiff and defendant.
  4. The Costs of this suit may also be conferred to the plaintiff.
  5. Any other relief considered probable by this Respected Court may also be granted.


Through  Counsel, Mr.



Verified on oath at this __ day of January, 2016 that the contents of the paragraphs 1,2,3 are true to the best of my knowledge while rest of paragraphs are correct to my information and belief.


This is the easiest and simplest format of filing appeal in the court for dissolution of partnership and rendition of accounts. If you need any other help you can ask in the comment section below.

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