Suit for Restitution of Conjugal Rights

Marriage is an important right in life of male and female. And when this holy relation leads to some uncertainty and doubts then, the marriage is broken. There are many obligations confer upon both of these partners. The Restitution of Conjugal Rights is also one of them and needs to be fulfilled the right way. Both Husband and wife are bound to perform their right according to laws and obligation. And if one of them is denying the conjugal rights then the other can file a petition to for its restoration.

We have arranged a exemplary draft of filing a suit of conjugal rights below. This format is common and most easiest format that you can fill by putting necessary information and then file it in the family court of your city.

You can also view the para wise written reply if the suit is filed against you. Have a look at the draft of restitution of conjugal rights.


IN THE COURT OF SENIOR CIVIL JUDGE, ______________________

__________________Son of ______________________ R/O _________________




_________________Daughter of ______________________ R/O _________________




It is honorable submitted as under: –

  1. That the Plaintiff and the defendant were married at on the ___ day of September _____ in accordance with Muslim rituals.
    A copy of Nikkah Nama is enclosed with this suit.
  2. That the defendant lived with the plaintiff a cordial life for ____ years after the marriage but five months ago she went to her parent’s house at,_________ on the grounds to attend a marriage in her family.
  3. That in spite of frequent requests by the plaintiff, the defendant has denied returning to the plaintiff’s house and to carry out her marital rights and obligations. Hence this Suit.
  4. The cause of action arose firstly on five months ago when the defendant went away from plaintiff’s house and secondly on _____ when the defendant utterly denied coming back to plaintiff’s home.
  5. Plaintiff and defendant are long-lasting residents of city _____ and the cause of action arose at city _______, therefore, Civil Courts of ______ have the jurisdiction to decree this suit.
  6. The valuation of this suit for the purposes of Court fee and jurisdiction is hereby fixed at Rs, 350/- therefore, no Court fee has to be affixed on this plaint.

In view of the above it is prayed as under:


1. A decree may very kindly be passed in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant directing the defendant to come back to the plaintiff’s house and execute her marital (conjugal) responsibilities and liabilities towards the plaintiff.

2. The costs may also very kindly be awarded to the plaintiff.

3. Any other relief considered probable by this Respected Court may also be granted.


Through  Counsel, Mr.



Verified on oath at this __ day of October ____ that the contents of the paragraphs 1 to 3 are true to the best of my knowledge while rest of paragraphs are correct to my information and belief.


To conclude the discussion, this is a complete and common draft of a suit of conjugal rights that is totally applicable in the court of Pakistan with little or no modification.

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