Suit for Dissolution of Marriage on Grounds of Option of Age of Puberty

Suit for Dissolution of Marriage can be filed on multiple reasons. One of them is the Age of Puberty. Getting the age of puberty is compulsory for both the male and female before getting married. If a male or female have not attained the age of puberty and got married falsely or by showing fake documents then the concerned person can file this plaint for dissolution of marriage.

Here a legal format for Suit for Dissolution of Marriage that you can use by putting necessary information in the given blanks. You may have to file a written reply for suit of dissolution of marriage and you can also find it here.

(Format of Plaint)

IN THE FAMILY COURT OF______________________

___________ D/O _______________ R/O ______________District____________



___________ S/O _______________ R/O ______________District____________


Suit for Dissolution of Marriage on Grounds of Option of Age of Puberty 

It is honorable submitted as under: –

  1. That the plaintiff was married to the defendant at on ____day of ______, 2014 when
    she was 13 years of age, according to Muslim rites, and on a sum of Rs. 50,000/- having been fixed as prompt dower. A copy of Nikah-Nama showing the age of plaintiff is affixed with this suit.
  2. That the plaintiff was married to the defendant on the solid desire of her uncle and at that time, she was not able to decline her maternal uncle who was the guardian of the plaintiff and used to endure all the expenses of the plaintiff.
  3. That the plaintiff has reached the age of 16 Years and is less than 18 years and is persona majora under her personal law i.e. Mohammedan Law.
  4. The plaintiff had never gone to the house of the defendant since marriage and now in the application of her right of the option of puberty, she rejects the said marriage and this fact of rejection has conversed to the defendant and defendant is not ready to accept the same, hence this suit.
  5. Real cause of action arose firstly on ___ day of ____ 2014 when the plaintiff was married to the defendant being minor and secondly and finally when the plaintiff rejected (disown) the marriage and the defendant denied to accept the same.
  6. That the plaintiff and defendant reside and were married at – and the marriage was
    rejected by the plaintiff in, therefore, Family Court has the jurisdiction to decree this suit.
  7. And since it is a family suit, therefore, a court fee ticket of Rs. 15/- is attached on this plaint.


In view of the above it is prayed as under:

1. This suit may kindly be decreed in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant by dissolving this marriage in the application of the option of puberty.

2. The Costs of this suit may also be conferred to the plaintiff.

3. Any other relief considered probable by this Respected Court may also be granted.

Through Counsel, Mr.


Verified on oath at this __ day of  _____ that the contents of paras 1 to 4 are true to my knowledge and rest of the paras are correct to my knowledge and belief.


This is the final format for filing suit of dissolution of marriage that most commonly have all the relative fields that can be used in the court of law.

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