Suit for Dissolution of Marriage

This is a simple and easy draft of file a Suit of Dissolution of Marriage in the Court. The Suit can only be file in Family Court at first instance. If there is any suit against you of this type then you have to file a written reply. Here, you can also find how you can file a written reply against such suit by clicking here.


IN THE FAMILY COURT OF______________________

___________ D/O _______________ R/O ______________District____________



___________ S/O _______________ R/O ______________District____________



It is honorable submitted as under: –

  1. That the plaintiff married with the defendant at ____ on _____ day of April ______ as per Muslim rites and a sum of Rs. 50,000/- had been fixed as prompt dower. For this, a Copy of Nikah-Nama is affixed with this suit.
  2. That for about 2 years the relations between the parties stayed pleasant but afterward the defendant started fighting with the plaintiff on unimportant issues and he also started to beat the plaintiff and also has turned her out of doors.
  3. From that day, the plaintiff is living with her parents at Model Town, Lahore.
  4. That from the date of her exclusion from her husband’s house, the plaintiff, and her kinsfolks have been approaching the defendant wishing him to either take the plaintiff back to his house or to dissolve his marriage by giving divorce to the plaintiff but to no avail. Also, the defendant has denied delivering maintenance for the plaintiff. Hence this suit.
  5. That the cause of action arose initially on ___ December _____ when the defendant turned out the plaintiff from his house and secondly and finally 1 month ago when the defendant utterly refused to give divorce to the plaintiff.
  6. That the plaintiff and the defendant live at and the cause of action arose at, therefore, the Civil Court has jurisdiction to decree this suit.
  7. That since it is a family suit, therefore Court fee tickets of Rs.15 have been affixed on this plaint.


In view of the above it is prayed as under:

1. A decree of dissolution of marriage may very kindly be issued in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant.

2. The Costs of this suit may also be conferred to the plaintiff.

3. Any other relief considered probable by this Respected Court may also be granted.

Through Counsel, Mr.


Verified on oath at this __ day of  _____ that the contents of paras 1 to 4 are true to my knowledge and paras 5 to 7 are correct to my knowledge and belief.


That’s it. This is a complete draft of filing a suit of Dissolution of Marriage against any body in the court. If you have any questions then you are free to ask in the comment section below.

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