Suit For Recovery of Dower Money

In Islamic Marriage system the husband have to pay the dower money to his wife before making any carnal relation. It is an obligation on the behalf of the husband to his wife. Most of the Suit of dower money arises when the husband refused to pay the dower money to his wife.

The family courts of Pakistan are full of such family cases in which the wife filed a petition for recovery of dower money against her husband. To help these people we have arranged a format for filing a suit for recovery of dower money. You can simply use this format by putting your particular values in the blanks. If you have to submit a written reply for such suit then you can find that draft by clicking this link here.


IN THE COURT OF _______________

_________________Daughter of _______________ R/O__________________

         District _____________________



_________________Son of _______________ Caste__________________

R/O________________________________ District _____________________



RS. 90,000/-

It is respectfully submitted as under: –

  1. That the plaintiff was married to the Defendant on 3rd August 2016 in consideration of a prompt dower of Rs. 90,000/- according to the Muslim rites. A copy of Nikkah Nama is attached to this suit.
  2. That after the marriage plaintiff and defendant lived, a happy life but thereafter the defendant went cruel towards plaintiff and turned her out of doors.
  3. That since _____the plaintiff has – been making repeated demands for the payment of her
    prompt dower i.e. Rs. 90,000/- which was fixed, at the time of the marriage but the defendant has utterly denied paying the money and demands. Hence this suit.
  4. That the cause of action arose against the defendant initially on ________. When the plaintiff was married to defendant and secondly when the defendant turned out the plaintiff of doors and lastly and finally on 25th October 2016 when the defendant utterly denied paying the dower money to the plaintiff.
  5. That the marriage was completed at and both the plaintiff and defendant reside in, therefore, the Civil Courts of __________ have the jurisdiction to decree this suit.
  6. That the valuation of the suit for the purposes of Court fee and jurisdiction are Rs. 90,000/-. Therefore, Court fee tickets of Rs. 15/ – is attached on the plaint, which is recommended Court fee to be affixed to this suit.

In view of the above it is prayed as under: –


1. A decree for a sum of Rs. 90, 000/ – may kindly be passed in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant.

2. Costs of this suit may also be awarded to the plaintiff.

3. Any other relief considered possible by this Respected Court may also be granted.





Verified on oath at Lahore on this 25th day of October 2016 that the contents of the paragraphs 1 to 3 are correct to the best of my knowledge whereas rest of paragraphs No 4 to 6 are true to my information and faith.


So, this is the simplest and most common format of filing a suit for recovery of dower money in the family court of your respective city. You or your lawyer must use this format by doing little or no modification and file your case in the court easily. And if you have a question regarding this then you can ask in the comment section below.

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