Legal Draft of Suit to Change Date of Birth on CNIC

This legal draft of Suit to Change Date of Birth on CNIC is an example. If you want to file a suit to change the date of birth on CNIC then simply fill your own information in the given blanks of this legal draft.


Your Name s/o Your Father Name R/O Your address, your city name here.



NADRA, Officer address here through its Manager/ Incharge / Chairman



Respectfully Stated,

  1. That the plaintiff was born on 10-02-1993 and later on the plaintiff passed his Primary Examination at M. A Jinnah School, Saddar, Karachi in the year of 2008.
  2. That the plaintiff applied for the National Identity Card from (NADRA) office but mistakenly the date of birth of the plaintiff was mentioned as 13-02-1993 instead of 10-02-1993.
  3. That the plaintiff contacted the defendant for the necessary correction in his NIC Card. The defendant earlier asked for submission of duly attested Affidavit from the plaintiff, which was provided accordingly but the defendant denied to take the application of the plaintiff on the plea that the plaintiff first should obtain the declaration from the Civil Court.
  4. That despite all efforts the defendant is not ready to correct the date of birth of the plaintiff on his CNIC hence this case.
  5. That cause of action arose a few days ago when the defendant refused to entertain the application of the plaintiff which is still continuing.
  6. That the office of the NADRA, Saddar, Karachi is within the territorial limits of this Honorable Court and the court has the jurisdiction to entertain the matter in hand.
  7. That the value of the suit for the purpose of jurisdiction is fixed as Rupees 1500/-, which is exempted from court fee.
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In view of above, it is most humbly prayed that suit of the plaintiff may kindly be decreed in favor of the plaintiff and the defendant may kindly be directed to change Date of Birth of the plaintiff as 10-02-1993 instead of 10-02-1993 and after the necessary changing the new CNIC of the plaintiff may kindly be issued.

Any other relief, which this Hon’able Court deems fit and proper may also be granted to the plaintiff.



Name of Advocate here!


Today Verified on Oath at Saddar Karachi on this Day here of July 2013, the contents of para  1 to 5 of the suit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and the rest of the paras are believed to be true and correct as per information received.


Understand the procedure of Change the Date of Birth by clicking here.

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Muhammad Afzal
Muhammad Afzal
1 month ago

It is submitted that NADRA changed Date of birth on my request. before change is appeared in Matriculation Examination. I want my original Date of birth may be restored in B-Form. NADRA official are tell that change of birth for the second time is not allowed even the court has passed the decree. Please tell what i can do.