Civil Judge Past Paper of English

Here you will find the Civil Judge past paper on the subject of English. English is the fifth paper in Civil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate’s competitive examination. Find below the past paper of English for Civil Judge examination.



TIME ALLOWED: 03 HOURS                          TOTAL MARKS: 150

Q.No.1. Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end:

Men pass from birth to death, sometimes happy; sometimes unhappy; sometimes generous, something grasping and petty; sometimes heroic, sometimes cowardly and servile. To the man who views the procession as a whole, certain things stand out as worthy of admiration. Some men have been inspired by the love of mankind; some by supreme intellect has helped us to understand the world in which we live, and some by exceptional sensitiveness has created beauty. Thus, men have done what lay in their power to make human life a better thing than the brief turbulence of savages. The civilized man, where he cannot admire, will aim rather at understanding than at reprobating. He will seek rather discover and remove the impersonal causes of evil than to hate the men who are in its grip.


  • Make a précis of the passage in 50 words and also suggest a suitable title. (20)
  • Translate the passage into Urdu. (20)

Q.No.2 Use TEN of the following idioms in sentences to explain their meaning: (20)

(I) At a pinch (ii) At loggerheads
(iii) Bear upon (iv) Hope against hope
(v) To lend countenance to (vi) Look askance
(vii) To be at a loss (viii) Out of the wood
(ix) Move heaven and earth (x) Maiden speech
(xi) To read between the lines (xii) The lion’s share


Q.No.3    Construct sentences to distinguish between the meanings of any TEN of the following pair of words (No credit will be given for a single correct sentence. (20)

(I) Accede, Concede (ii) Admission, Admittance
(iii) Dissent, Descent (iv) Immunity, Impunity
(v) Seam, Seem (vi) Heartless, Heartfelt
(vii) Apprehend, Comprehend (viii) Stile, Style
(ix) Amiable, Amicable (x) Whet, Wet
(xi) Suit, Suite (xii) Rest, Wrest


Q.No.4. Rewrite the following sentences correctly. (20)

  • The witness swore that this is false.
  • Why the Government levies taxes.
  • God gives us every necessary of life.
  • My friend told me that he is not to blame.
  • A right of way has been concerned him.
  • The people cry against high taxes.
  • I entered an agreement with my friend.
  • You can easily dispense his services.
  • The President went to the USA a week before.
  • The judge disposed of the case at once.
  • The waves beat the
  • Be careful to guard mistakes in your English.
  • There is nothing such as chance.
  • He asked me why did I speak.
  • For whose benefit the Post Office is maintained.
  • He had diminished all his land and property.
  • I intended to have written a letter to you a week before.
  • My son died and I grieve my loss.
  • I hope you are keeping good health.
  • He suggested me this.

Q.No.5. Write an essay on ONE of the following topics: (50)

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • A wise man is a man who knows he is a fool.
  • The pleasure of reading.
  • Strikes
  • The power of media.

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