Civil Judge Civil Law-II Past Paper 2023

Civil Law Paper-II is subject in Civil Judge competitive examination 2023. Here you will find the Civil Judge exam past paper 2023 on the subject of Civil Law Paper-II of Lahore High Court. This Civil Law paper-II is the 2nd paper in the Civil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate’s competitive examination 2023 held by Lahore High Court, Lahore. Find below the Civil Judge Civil Law Paper-II Past Paper 2023.

Civil Judge Civil Law paper-II 2023

Note: Attempt any Five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q1. What requisite conditions must exist and be pleaded for brining suit for cancellation of written instrument. What is a difference between suit for cancellation of Instrument and recession of contract, in the context of provisions of Specific Relief Act 1877.

Q2. Which of the contracts are not specifically enforceable. Discuss in the context of relevant provisions of Specific Relief Act 1877.

Q3. Discretion plays an important role in determining the success of the suits for specific performance of agreements, relating to immovable properties. Kindly elaborate principles regulating exercise of discretion by the court(s) in context of section 22 of the Specific Relief Act 1877.

Q4. Discuss the procedure provided for partition of land under the provisions of Land Revenue Act 1967, and what guiding principles must be adhered to while partitioning the land. Is determination of question of title of holding amenable to the jurisdiction exercisable by the Revenue officer.

Q5. Jurisdiction to demarcate the land vests with the Revenue Officer. What requisite details must be provided in the application for seeking demarcation in terms of Rule 67-A of Land Revenue Rules 1968.

Q6. Whether the court to which precept is sent enjoys equal powers as the court, which had passed the decree originally. If precept has been sent to Civil Court at Hyderabad by the Civil Court at Lahore, where would the application under section 12(2) of Code of Civil Procedure 1908 would lie, either before the Court at Lahore or Hyderabad. Support your answer with reasoning.

Q7. Explain the term ‘Guardian Ad Litem’. Whether the court, before whom lis is brought involving minor, is competent to decide the dispute regarding factum of minority of the minor. Discuss the effect of any decree passed, affecting the rights of the minor, without the appointment of guardian, in the context of Order XXXII of Civil Procedure Code 1908.

Q8. Suits under Order XXXVII of the Civil Procedure Code 1908 envisages regular trail after leave to appear and defend is granted, upon finding need to adjudicate triable question(s). Whether assertion of denial of consideration by the defendant constitutes a triable question of law, and on whom the onus lies to prove absence of consideration.

Q9. Explain the scope of review, revision, appeal and ‘second appeal, with illustrations. Highlight the differences amongst each of the remedy mentioned above in the context of relevant provisions of Civil Procedure Code 1908.

Q.10 How Court Fees is determined in respect of following suit(s):-

a) Suit for money.
b) Suit for maintenance and annuities.
c) Suit for movable property having market value.
d) Suit for movable property having no market value.
e) Suit seeking declaratory decree with consequential relief.

Download the Civil Judge Civil Law-II Past Paper 2023

Civil Judge Civil Law-II Past Paper 2023

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