Civil Judge Past Paper of Criminal Law

Here you will find the Civil Judge past paper on the subject of Criminal Law. Criminal Law is the third paper in Civil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate’s competitive examination. Find below the past paper of Criminal Law.


PAPER-III                              CRIMINAL LAW

TIME ALLOWED: 03 HOURS                                                                TOTAL MARKS: 100

NOTE: (i) Attempt FIVE questions selecting TWO each from Part-I & II and ONE from Part-III. (ii) All questions carry equal marks.


Q.No.1 Enumerate the punishments to which offenders are liable under Section 53 of P.P.C. Is there any other punishment given in the statute not included in Section 53 P.P.C?

Q.No.2 Differentiate the scope and extent of offenses committed under Sections 182 & 193 P.P.C.

Q.No.3 Saleem under intoxication drove a bus in a zig-zag manner, causing accidents at three different points consecutively dashed against a moped rider causing injuries including Shajjah-i-damighaih and Ghayr-jaifah munaqqilah, dashed against an auto-rickshaw causing damage to it, and then hitting a grill and compound wall. Explain with reasons, what offenses have been committed?


Q.No.4 Discuss the procedure of trial in criminal courts. What irregularities can vitiate such a trial?

Q.No.5 On 10-08-2017 at 11:00 a.m, Aslam and Zaheer armed with DUNDAS entered the house of Kamal situated in Street No.10, Samanabad, Lahore. Zaheer outraged the modesty of Kamal’s wife, namely, Zahida. He inflicted DANDA blows to Kamal hitting on his head and leg. The medical officer observed the following injuries on his person.

  • Shajjah Khafifa
  • Shajjah Ammah
  • Ghair-e-Jaifa Mudihah

However, Aslam abetted the occurrence. Their names find mentioned in column No.3 of the report submitted under Section 173 Cr.P.C. Frame charge(s) on the basis of the above facts.

Q.No.6 On 01-05-2017 at 3:00 a.m, a robbery was committed in the house of Mehboob, who on 10-05-2017 got recorded F.I.R under Section 392 P.P.0 at Police Station Muslim Town, Lahore against un-known accused? Later on, he got recorded a supplementary statement on 10-06-2017 and nominated Irshad as accused. He was arrested on 11-07-2017. During the investigation robbed articles including jewelry, cell phones were recovered but the memo of identification was not prepared. He was not involved in any other case. He is in jail and has applied for post-arrest bail.

Write order granting bail.


Q.No.7 What is the law regarding the arrest and bail of a juvenile?

Q.No.8  Write a note of the following:

(i) When a juvenile court can release a child on probation?

(ii) What procedure is adopted by the juvenile court for declaring an accused as a juvenile?

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