Civil Judge Past Paper of Civil Law-II

Here you will find the Civil Judge past paper of the subject Civil Law-II. Civil Law-II is the second paper in Civil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate’s competitive examination. Find below the past paper of Civil Law-II.


PAPER-II                              CIVIL LAW-II

TIME ALLOWED: 03 HOURS                                                                             TOTAL MARKS: 100

NOTE: (i) Attempt FIVE questions selecting TWO questions from PART-I and ONE each from Part-II, Ill & IV. (ii) All questions carry equal marks.


Q.No.1 Write short notes on the following:

  • Set off
  • Interrogatories
  • Intermeddler
  • Interpleader suit
  • Interlocutory orders

Q.No.2 Akram being a public servant performing his function in the establishment was allotted an official residence. After six months he was transferred to a field job and was served upon with a notice to vacate the house but his children had to appear in the examination to be held after two weeks. However, under the transfer policy, he was entitled to retain the house for three years. Along with the plaint, an application for a grant of a temporary injunction was also filed.

Write the order of a temporary injunction.

Q.No.3 Ahmed supplied certain goods worth Rs.2.00 Million received by Zahid on behalf of his employer, namely, Babar. However, on account of the non-payment of the outstanding amount (Rs.2.00 Million) within the stipulated period, Ahmed filed a recovery suit against Zahid. In a written statement, Zahid controverted the contents of the plaint and asserted that said amount was outstanding against Baber. He also raised preliminary objections regarding maintainability of suit, limitation, deficient court fee, non-joinder of parties, false and vexatious claim, and exemplary costs. Dismissal of the suit was also prayed for.

In light of the above facts, frame the appropriate issues.


Q.No.4 What is the law to claim a refund of court fee paid on the plaint if the court below rejects the same on any of the grounds provided in the C.P.0 or case remanded in an appeal under Rule 23 Order XLI C.P.C?

Q.No.5 What remedies have been prescribed under the Registration Act,1908 for the followings:

  • Where the sub-Registrar refuses to register a document on account of denial of execution.
  • Order of refusal by the Registrar


Q.No.6 What kind of civil suits can be filed under the Specific Relief Act, 1877? Discuss it in detail.

Q.No.7 Whether an Ordinance promulgated by the Government can be challenged before a Civil Court through a suit under Section 42 of the Specific Relief Act,1877? Explain your opinion with reasons.


Q.No.8 Write short notes on:

  • Tenant
  • Estate
  • Village officer.
  • Assessment circle
  • Net assets.

Q.No.9 No man ought to be vexed twice if it is proved to the court that it is for one and the same cause. Explain with reference to specific provisions of the General Clauses Act.

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