Civil Judge Past Paper 2022: Civil Law-I

Here you will find the Civil Judge past paper 2022 on the subject of Civil Law-I of Lahore High Court. This Civil Law paper is the 1st paper in the Civil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate’s competitive examination 2022 held by Lahore High Court, Lahore. Find below the past paper of Civil Judge Civil Law-I for the year 2022.

Note: Attempt ONE question from each part.


Q1. Define and write short notes and principles laid down the following by the apex courts of Pakistan in various judgments:

  1. Difference between “agreement and Contract”
  2. difference between “void” and “voidable contract”
  3. effect of “promise” and reciprocal promises”
  4. concept of “express” and “implied” authority in an arrangement of agency
  5. mistake of fact and its effect on the contract

Q2. “All agreements are contracts”. Discuss all aspects and their essentials as defined in the Contract Act (IX of 1872).


Q3. Write a detailed note supported by the well-celebrated judgment rendered by the apex courts of Pakistan, concerning the procedure prescribed under the Guardian and Wards Act, 1890 for the appointment of a guardian for the minor as well as the rights and obligation of the guardian so appointed thereof.

Q4. Discuss all grounds for the removal of guardians discussed in the Guardian and Wards Act, 1890.


Q5. Explain in detail the principle i.e. when time has begun to run no subsequent disability or inability to sue could step it keeping in view the relevant statutory provisions of Limitation Act, 1908 and principles laid down by the apex courts of Pakistan.

Q6. In light of the provision of the Limitation Act, 1908 please discuss whether the principle of limitation shields the transaction from having legal effect or sanctity on account of being suffering from legal infirmity or fraud?


Q7. Write short notes on the following in view of the provision of the Family Courts Acts, 1964:

  1. Scope and Extent of Jurisdiction of the Family Court to adjudicate matters
  2. Mechanism concerning the institution of the suit before the family court including presentation of the plaint, its form, intimation of the institution of a suit to the defendant, filing of a written statement, pre-trial proceedings, recording of evidence, and conclusion of the trial
  3. Forum and limitation of appeal against the order passed by the Family Court

Q8. Please discuss the procedure prescribed under the Muslim Family Law Ordinance, 1961 for Talaq, please opine; whether the woman while exercising delegated right of divorce, is required to send a notice to the union council of a place where she resides or to a union council where the marriage was registered as required under the relevant statutory provisions of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 read with the Rules framed thereunder?


Q9. Mr. X, being an owner of properties Nos. 1 to 9, upon which various commercial shops and plazas are constructed to be known as Zoom Mart situated in District Khayber, appointed Mr. as his special attorney vide duly registered Special Power of Attorney dated 12.03.2021 whereby he authorized and empowered the latter to let out the said shops plazas on rent, after obtaining fresh rent agreements from the new or existing tenants over all the shops and plazas Mr. also authorized Mr. Y, if required, to institute suit for the ejectment as well as recovery of the rents, etc.

Mr. A and B hired two (02) shops on rent from Mr. as landlord and have executed tenancy agreements both dated 12.05.2021 respectively. In this regard, Mr. Y moved an application to the rent register, Khayber for registration incorporating the particulars of the tenancy agreements in the relevant register as required under the statutory provision of the Punjab Rent Premises Act, 2009. Mr. also requested the Rent Register, Khayber for the return of the original tenancy agreements, after affixing the official seal on the tenancy agreements by retaining the copies of each thereof but the Rent tribunal /Ex. Officio Rent Register, Khayber turned down the request and directed Mr. Y to produce any sort of proof of ownership of the property.

Keeping in view the above please opine whether the Rent Tribunal established under the rented premises Act, 2009 has any jurisdiction to function as a REnt Registrar and power to require the person to submit title document before registration of the rent agreements?

Q10. Discuss all legal aspects of the following in terms of Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009.

  1. Appearances of parties and consequences of non-appearance
  2. Leave to contest
  3. Appeal
  4. Transfer of Ownership

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