Precis Writing Practice Online: Test 02

Here we have given precis writing practice for you. These are easy and short passages for Precis practice online.

Precis Writing Practice: Test 02

Write the precis of the following passage:

Home is for the young, who know nothing of the world and who would be forlorn and sad if thrown upon it. It is providential, the shelter for the weak and inexperienced who have to learn as yet to cope with the temptations which lie outside of it. It is the place of training for those who are not only ignorant but have not yet learned how to learn, and who have to be taught by careful individual attention how to profit from the lessons of the teacher. And it is the school of elementary studies — not of advances, for such studies alone can make masterminds.

Moreover, it is the shrine of our best affections, the bosom of our fondest recollections, a spell upon our afterlife, a stay for world-weary mind and soul; wherever we are, til! the end comes. Such are attributes or offices of home, and like to these, in one or other sense or measure, are the attributes and offices of a college in a university. (170 words)

What the Passage is About?

The passage stresses the value of a home for the young and the grown-ups.

Main Points of the Passage

  1. Home is like a sanctuary for the young who have yet to experience the outside world.
  2. For the inexperienced youth, home is like a training center where they learn basic life skills before entering practical life. For them, home is a launching pad.
  3. Even for grownups, home is like a holy place that gives comfort and solace to their mind, fatigued by their busy life.
  4. In many ways, the home performs the same function as a university or a college does.

Solution of the Passage

Home is, a haven for the inexperienced kids, outside which they feel forlorn. It trains young souls and prepares them for practical life. Home is also a source of affection and sweet memories. In later life, the home provides solace to minds fatigued by the busy routine of life. A college has the same attributes as a home. (60 words)

Suggested Titles

1. Home: A haven
2. Value of a home
3. Home: A school and a shelter

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