10 Golden Rules of Precis Writing

Here I am going to discuss the top 10 golden rules of Precis Writing that you should know. Precis writing is an art that needs some serious attention while attempting it. Here are these 10 golden rules for writing a good precis.

Rule 1: Never go after dictionary meanings

You should never go after the dictionary meanings of each and every word of expression used in the passage. In fact, judge the connotation and tone of the word in the given context.

Rule 2: Never let your prior knowledge interfere

While attempting the precis, never let your prior knowledge and personal bias interfere with your reading of the passage.

Rule 3: Don’t use synonyms in a mechanical way

When you are writing precis, you should now use synonyms in a mechanical way. Synonyms that do not fit in the given context may render the sentence absurd.

Rule 4: Don’t change keywords

If you change the main keywords of the given passage it will have a negative effect. That’s why you should never change the keywords and technical terms used in the passage. There is no harm if these words have to be repeated in the precis.

Rule 5: Never comment on the writer’s view

During writing a precis never comment on the writer’s views nor add your own opinion. Always try to convey what the passage is all about in a simple and sleek manner.

Rule 6: Write precis in a single paragraph

You should always write precis in a single paragraph. Use link words like “therefore, thus, moreover, and however” only when required.

Rule 7: Always change a first person to third person

Always change the first person into the third person in case of autobiographical passages.

Rule 8: Follow the tense of the given passage

Always follow the tense the writer is using, except when a direct narration is to be changed into an indirect one.

Rule 9: Use simple vocabulary

Don’t use tough vocabulary. Always use simple vocabulary and uncomplicated sentences. Avoid ornamental and flowery language.

Rule 10: Don’t forget to give a Title

You must give a specific title; not a generic or universal one.

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