PPC MCQs – Solved MCQs of Pakistan Penal Code (concept of Punishment) (51-100)

Pakistan Penal Code 1860 is a compulsory subject in LL.B Part 1. PPC MCQs and Solved MCQs of Pakistan Penal Code 1860 related to the basic concept of punishment are given here. The basic objective behind this “PPC MCQs” Test is to prepare the students for the different examinations like LAW GAT, LAW Entry Tests, ADPP, Civil Judge and Additional Judge examinations. PPC MCQs and Solved MCQs of Pakistan Penal Code 1860 given and they are very often required when someone is preparing for Judiciary examination or similar other papers.

These solved PPC MCQs are based on the different basic concept of punishment, robber, dacoity, Qatal, Diyat and the various sections of Pakistan Penal Code that deals with Qatal, theft, Diyat, and other related topics. At the end of every solved PPC MCQ Test, you will find a link to the Next and Previous post of PPC MCQs.

Here, 51 to 100 solved MCQs of this Pakistan Penal Code 1860 is given. So, let’s have a look at the solved PPC MCQs.

Wrongful restraint is discussed in section 339 it is punishable under section

A. 340
B. 341
C. 342
D. none of above

Punishment for cheating by personation is imprisonment which may extend to

A. 2 year or fine
B. 5 year or fine
C. 7 year of fine
D. 7 year or fine or both

Wrongful confinement is defined under section 340 it is punishment under section

A. 340
B. 341
C. 342
D. none of above

Dishonestly making a false claim in court is a crime under section

A. 209
B. 210
C. 211
D. 212

Harboring offender is a crime under section

A. 210
B. 211
C. 212
D. none of above

Offence relating to coin and govt. stamps are given in chapter

A. x
B. xi
C. xii 
D. none of above

What is the least amount of Diyat in Qatal case?

A. 30130 gram of silver
B. 30130 gram of gold
C. 30630 gram of silver
D. 30630 gram of gold

Affray requires at least

A. 2 members
B. 5 members
C. 7 members
D. None of the above

Who will determine the value of Daman?

A. Court
B. Govt
C. Parties
D. None of the above

Arsh for a single organ in the body is?

A. 1/2 of Diyat
B. ¼ of Diyat
C. full Diyat
D. none of above

Qisas is not applicable where the enforcement of the punishment

A. true
B. false

Qisas is applicable even if it is waived by Walli

A. true
B. false

The right of private defense of property extends to cause death

A. Robbery
B. house-breaking by night
C. Theft
D. all of the above

Sedition is discussed under which section of PPC?

A. 121
B. 122 A
C. 124 A
D. 126 A

Harboring deserter is discussed which section of PPC?

A. 134
B. 135
C. 136
D. 137

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