PPC MCQs – MCQs of Pakistan Penal Code 1860 (151-206)

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Criminal Procedure is a Code of:

A. Substantive law
B. Adjective law
C. Substantive as well as adjective law
D. none of these

Order for removal of obstruction and nuisance in urgent cases can be given by:

A. A police officer
B. A Nazim
C. A magistrate
D. none of these


A. Is awarded in all crimes
B. Is not awarded at all in some crimes
C. Is awarded in some crimes
D. none of these

Unlawful assembly is an assembly consisting of at least persons:

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. none of these

After recording confession, the accused is:

A. sent back to the police custody
B. kept in judicial lock up
C. set free
D. none of these

Confirmation of the death sentence by the High Court must be signed by:

A. one judge
B. two-judge
C. three judges
D. any of these

Bailable offences are offences punishable with:

A. imprisonment for life
B. imprisonment less than 10 years
C. Death
D. All of these

Right of private defence of the body includes the defence of:

A. His own body
B. Any other person
C. His own body and of his close relative
D. His body and the body of any other person

Kidnapping includes:

A. kidnapping from Pakistan
B. kidnapping from lawful guardianship
C. kidnapping from Pakistan and from lawful guardianship
D. none of these

The word “injury” includes or denotes any harm illegally caused to a person.

A. in body
B. reputation or property
C. mind
D. All of these

Whoever commits theft shall be punished with imprisonment of the description for a term which may extend to.

A. 3 years
B. 19 years
C. 14 years
D. 17 years

When five or more persons, by fighting in a football ground, disturb the public peace, they are said to commit the following offence:

A. Affray
B. Rioting
C. Unlawful Assembly
D. none of these

When five or more persons armed with deadly weapons, enter someone’s house, they are said to commit the following offence:

A. Affray
B. Rioting
C. Criminal Trespass
D. none of these

A private person may arrest another person, who in his view have committed a

A. non-bailable offence
B. cognizable offence
C. both A & B
D. none of these

A warrant of arrest must be issued by:

A. an A.S.P. of Police
B. the Home Secretary
C. the presiding judge of the Court issuing the warrant
D. none of these

A saw an armed person entering his house in the mid-night who abruptly opened fire on A. A also opened fire on him and killed him. He has committed:

A. Murder
B. Culpable Homicide
C. Negligence
D. none of these

An anonymous person informed A, a very wealthy smuggler of wheat, on a telephone that his minor son was in his custody and if A does not donate Rs.500,000/- to the local “Yteemkhana” he would break his son’s legs. The caller committed which of the following offence:

A. no offence
B. Kidnap
C. Extortion
D. none of these

The right of private defence of property extends to death in cases of:

A. robbery
B. house-breaking by night
C. mischief by fire committed on the human dwelling place
D. Any of these

A child is not criminally liable if he is:

A. under 18 years of age
B. under 7 years of age
C. above 7 and under 12 years of age but has attained sufficient maturity
D. none of these

An abettor is a person who:

A. actively participates in the commission of an offence
B. does not have any relation with the commission of the offence
C. instigates another person to commit an offence
D. none of these

Diyat can be awarded in case of:

A. Qatl Shibh
B. Qatl Khata
C. Qatl bis Sabah
D. Any of these

The act of obstructing another person so as to prevent him from moving lawfully in a direction is said to be:

A. wrongful detention
B. wrongful confinement
C. wrongful restraint
D. none of these

Theft becomes robbery if during the commission of the offence the offender causes or attempts to cause:

A. death or fear of instant death
B. hurt or fear of instant hurt
C. wrongful restraint or tear of wrongful restraint
D. Any of these


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