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#6. Liabilities of buyer are describes in section?

#7. Rights of buyer are describes in section?

#8. Section 105 of transfer of property Act 1882, is relating to?

#9. Transferor is called the?

#10. Transferee is called the?

#11. The price is called the?

#12. The money, share services or other thing to be so rendered is called the?

#13. In transfer of property ACT 1882, how lease is made under section?

#14. Lease may be created by contract by either?

#15. Lease of immovable property is made in following ways?

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#16. Rights and liabilities of parties of lease determined by?

#17. Rights and liabilities of lesser and lessee are describes in section?

#18. kinds of lease are?

#19. How the lease came to end?

#20. Exchange is a _______ of the ownership of property by two persons?

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