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#6. Objective Resolution was presented by Liaquat Ali Khan in the legislation on? ? The Objective resolution has been now a part of the Constitution of Pakistan

#7. Object resolution combines the important characteristics of the

#8. Independence of Judiciary was recognized in objective resolution

#9. The objective resolution appeared as a preamble in the constitution of

#10. The Constitution of 1956 was put in

#11. The constitution of 1956 give which kind of legislation?

#12. The constitution of 1956 is consisted

#13. The Constitution of 1956 protects the rights of minorities

#14. The Constitution of 1956 declared official languages of Pakistan?

#15. Causes for the failure of 1956 Constitution was?

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#16. After Indenpendnce the affairs of the government were regulated under

#17. 1st Constitution of Pakistan 1956 was enforced on?

#18. The first constitution was abrogated on?

#19. The constitution of 1962 was enforced on?

#20. The constitution of 1962 provide which form of government?

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