MCQs of Constitutional History of Pakistan

The MCQs of the Constitutional history of Pakistan are given here Quiz format. The Constitutional history of Pakistan is a subject of LL.B Part II. The basic objective behind these Important MCQs of the Constitutional history is to prepare the students for the different examinations like LAW GAT, LAW Entry Tests, ADPP, Civil Judge, and Additional Judge examinations. These MCQs of the Constitutional History of Pakistan are based on the different basic concepts given in the development of the Constitution of Pakistan from British time to date, the fundamental rights, and many other similar laws gave us by the Constitution of Pakistan. Also, you will find many definitions, meanings, and other related material.

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So let’s have a look at the Important 100 MCQs of Constitutional History of Pakistan.


#1. Indian Independence Act 1947 provide two constitutional assemblies for

#2. Framing of the New Constitution each of the dominions were to be governed in accordance with the

#3. All the Civil army servants were given full option to join either of dominions:

#4. Indian Independence Act provided that for each of the new dominions there shall be?

#5. In Independence Act each dominion was authorized to amend the Govt. of India Act 1935

#7. Object resolution combines the important characteristics of the

#8. Independence of Judiciary was recognized in objective resolution

#9. The objective resolution appeared as a preamble in the constitution of

#10. The Constitution of 1956 was put in

#11. The constitution of 1956 give which kind of legislation?

#12. The constitution of 1956 is consisted

#13. The Constitution of 1956 protects the rights of minorities

#14. The Constitution of 1956 declared official languages of Pakistan?

#15. Causes for the failure of 1956 Constitution was?

#17. 1st Constitution of Pakistan 1956 was enforced on?

#18. The first constitution was abrogated on?

#19. The constitution of 1962 was enforced on?

#20. The constitution of 1962 provide which form of government?

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