MCQs of Constitutional History of Pakistan

The MCQs of the Constitutional history of Pakistan are given here Quiz format. The Constitutional history of Pakistan is a subject of LL.B Part II. The basic objective behind these Important MCQs of the Constitutional history is to prepare the students for the different examinations like LAW GAT, LAW Entry Tests, ADPP, Civil Judge, and Additional Judge examinations. These MCQs of the Constitutional History of Pakistan are based on the different basic concepts given in the development of the Constitution of Pakistan from British time to date, the fundamental rights, and many other similar laws gave us by the Constitution of Pakistan. Also, you will find many definitions, meanings, and other related material.

You can also learn more about the MCQs of other Subjects like Pakistan Penal Code, Sales of Good Act 1930, Specific Relief Act, Criminal Law, Hudood Laws, English Jurisprudence, Contract Act 1872, Constitution of Pakistan 1973 and other related subjects of LL.B.

So let’s have a look at the Important 100 MCQs of Constitutional History of Pakistan.

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#1. The Government of India Act 1935 was passed on the Basis of Report submitted by?

#2. Government of India Act 1935 proposed which type government system?

#3. The Govt. of India Act 1935 provided?

#4. Govt. of India Act 1935 was enacted on?

#5. The govt. of India Act 1935 abolished the diarchy from?

#6. Important feature of the govt. of India Act 1935 was that it created?

#7. Govt. of India Act 1935 introduced which legislation?

#8. Govt. of India Act 1935 introduced which form of government?

#9. Govt. of India Act 1935 intruded?

#10. In Govt. of India Act 1935 council of state was the?

#11. According to Govt. of India Act 1935 total members of council of state was?

#12. In govt. of India Act 1935 Federal Assembly was

#13. In Govt. of India Act 1935, the Term of federal assembly was?

#14. In Govt. of India Act 1935 the total number of federal assembly were?

#15. Govt. of India Act 1935 established Federal Court for the

#16. Govt. of India Act 1935 abolished the Indian Council of the?

#17. Govt. India Act 1935 created the new provinces of?

#18. Lord Mount Batten reached India on?

#19. How Many states were established in accordance with the Indian Independence Act 1947?

#20. Main object of Indian Independence Act 1947 was to give effect to the 3rd June Plan

#21. Indian Independence Act 1947 provide two constitutional assemblies for

#22. Framing of the New Constitution each of the dominions were to be governed in accordance with the

#23. All the Civil army servants were given full option to join either of dominions:

#24. Indian Independence Act provided that for each of the new dominions there shall be?

#25. In Independence Act each dominion was authorized to amend the Govt. of India Act 1935

#26. Objective Resolution was presented by Liaquat Ali Khan in the legislation on? ? The Objective resolution has been now a part of the Constitution of Pakistan

#27. Object resolution combines the important characteristics of the

#28. Independence of Judiciary was recognized in objective resolution

#29. The objective resolution appeared as a preamble in the constitution of

#30. The Constitution of 1956 was put in

#31. The constitution of 1956 give which kind of legislation?

#32. The constitution of 1956 is consisted

#33. The Constitution of 1956 protects the rights of minorities

#34. The Constitution of 1956 declared official languages of Pakistan?

#35. Causes for the failure of 1956 Constitution was?

#36. After Indenpendnce the affairs of the government were regulated under

#37. 1st Constitution of Pakistan 1956 was enforced on?

#38. The first constitution was abrogated on?

#39. The constitution of 1962 was enforced on?

#40. The constitution of 1962 provide which form of government?

#41. The constitution of 1962 adopted?

#42. In 1962 Constitution new system was introduced as

#43. In 1962 constitution Urdu and Bangla were declared two national languages of Pakistan

#44. Causes of failure of 1962 constitution are?

#45. In 1962 constitution unjust distribution of powers between?

#46. The Constitution of 1962 was abrogated by the Army Chief General M. Yahya Khan on?

#47. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was given the power of Chief Martial Law administrator on?

#48. The 3rd Constitution of 1973 was enforced on?

#49. The interim constitution of 1972 comprised on?

#50. First PCO was declared by General Zia Ul Haq on?

#51. General Zia Ul Haq imposed martial law and suspended the constitution on?

#52. Who headed the bench of five judges sentenced Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to Death?

#53. Second PCO was declared by General Pervez Musharaf on?

#54. General Pervez Musharaf suspended the constitution on?

#55. Second PCO was issued by General Pervez Musharaf on?

#56. How Many judges of Supreme Court and High Courts refused to take oath under PCO 1981?

#57. Legal Framework order was issued on?

#58. What is the nature of Finance Commission?

#59. What kind of body of Election Commission is?

#60. Chief Election Commissioner is entitled to same salary & facilities as are provided to?

#61. Chief Election Commissioner is appointed by?

#62. The Indian Federal System is modeled on the federal system of?

#63. Which court is regarded as the Guardian of the Fundamental Rights of the people?

#64. Emergency Provisions of Constitution of India are Borrowed from

#65. Presidential form of Government has been borrowed from

#66. Directive Principles of state Policy are taken from?

#67. Which regulating act introduced the process of Centralisation?

#68. The Indian High Court Act came into existence in?

#69. When was the advocates Act came into existence?

#70. Name the newly created Democracy of the World

#71. Who has been conferred King Charles II Medal by Royal Society for his contribution to the promotion of science and science in the society in India?

#72. Which act empowered the Governor General to alter the local limits of the jurisdiction of the High Court

#73. Which Indian state was the first to be formed on Linguistic basis?

#74. Andhra Pradesh was created by taking Telugu Speaking areas of?

#75. When was Pondicherry handed over by French to India and added as UT

#76. The 8th Amendment in the constitution of Pakistan was?

#77. The Constitution of Pakistan 1973 consists of?

#78. The legislative lists mentioned in Article 70(4) of the Constitution of Pakistan are

#79. Which of the following is not a member of council of common interests?

#80. The Head of the State in Pakistan is?

#81. The inaugural session of the first constitution Assembly of Pakistan was held in Karachi

#82. Subject matter of Articles 189, 201 and 203-GG of the Constitution of Pakistan is?

#83. Pakistan became a Republic in?

#84. The National Assembly of Pakistan Consists of?

#85. Judiciary was separated from executive in Pakistan under Article

#86. Punishment for high treason has been provided in?

#87. Who among the following has right to speak in the parliament of Pakistan?

#88. The State of Pakistan exercises its power and authority through?

#89. Prime Minister of Pakistan is appointed by?

#90. A Magistrate is empowered to punish for contempt of court under?

#91. Ordinary term of officer of Chief Election Commissioner in Pakistan is?

#92. The control and command of Armed Forces in Pakistan lies with?

#93. The Article 184 of Constitution of Pakistan 1973 provides for?

#94. Muhammad Ali Jinnah put forwarded his fourteen points in?

#95. By which presidential order objective resolution was made part of Constitution of 1973?

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