MCQs of Company Ordinance 1984

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#1. Company means a company formed and registered under company ordinance?

#2. According to companies ordinance 1984 the kinds of companies are?

#3. Public company may be converted into a private company by suitable alteration in the?

#4. Object of using word "Limited" at the end of the name of company is to inform the people that the liability of its members is?

#5. A business owned by two or more persons that is not organized as a corporation is called?

#6. Main features of partner ship is?

#7. company is regulated under companies ordinance?

#8. Audit is compulsory by law in a?

#9. Book of account must be maintained in a?

#10. What possesses a long life?

#11. Shareholder in a company can contract with a?

#12. Articles of association is a document in which rules and regulations are written which governs the?

#13. Company limited by guarantee the registration of articles association is ?

#14. The articles of association shall be signed by each?

#15. Articles of every company shall be?

#16. Articles of association shall be in?

#17. The articles of association shall be divided into?

#18. Company has to alter the articles of association, a ____ has to be passed by the company?

#19. Vote for alteration if effects rights of members of company is?

#20. Kind of restrictions on the alternation of the articles of association are?

#21. Memorandum of association is a basic document of a company. it is also called?

#22. Companies which have to file the memorandum of association?

#23. Memorandum of association has to be signed by three or more members of company?

#24. For alteration of memorandum of association prior permission is to be given by?

#25. Memorandum of association is altered whenever any change occurs in the?

#26. A company registered in contravention of the section 37 may change its name with the approval of?

#27. After the approval of registrar the company change its name in?

#28. A company can change its registered office from one province to another province under section?

#29. Prospectus is a document in which a company invites the public to purchase its?

#30. Main contents of prospectus are?

#31. Prospectus issued in contravention of section 54 & 55 of company ordinance, 1984, the every person who is a part to the issue of the prospectus shall be punishable with the?

#32. Section 69 of the companies ordinance 1984 deals with the?

#33. Main kinds of shares are ?

#34. Director of company can refuse to register the share in the circumstances?

#35. Appeal against the refusal for registration of transfer may before?

#36. Limitation period for appeal against the refusal of director is?

#37. The word capital connote the particular amount of money with which a business is?

#38. Reduction of share capital means?

#39. what is must be passed by the company to reduce the shares capital of the company?

#40. Reduction of share capital must be confirmed by the ?

#41. A company is defined as a voluntary organization which is an?

#42. All person who subscribe their name to the memorandum are deemed to be?

#43. A person may become share holder of a company by filling an application to the?

#44. A person may ceased to be a member of company in the ways?

#45. Every single member of company must have at least?

#46. Every private company must have not less than

#47. Every public company other than a listed company must have not less than ?

#48. Number of directors are fixed may be changed with the prior approval of a?

#49. The term of office director is?

#50. company shall file with the registrar a list of persons who have consented to act as?

#51. Period of filing list to the registrar is?

#52. The board of directors sets the _____ for the company?

#53. The first director of the company are elected by?

#54. A causal vacancy of any director may be filled by the?

#55. the directors of a public company shall meet a least?

#56. Directors shall have powers to?

#57. Chief executive is appointed for the term of?

#58. The types of promoters are?

#59. First auditor of the company must be appointed by the directors with in?

#60. Remuneration of the auditor is to be fixed by the?

#61. A person shall not be appointed as auditor who is?

#62. Every auditor of the company has right of access at all times to the?

#63. Every auditor of a company has right of access at all times to the?

#64. The "debenture" is derived from the latin word "Debar" which means to?

#65. Main contents of debentures are?

#66. Kinds of meeting held by companies are?

#67. Kinds of meeting held by companies are?

#68. Statutory meeting cannot be held before three months and not be delayed for more than?

#69. Annual general meeting is to be convened by the?

#70. Modes of calling annual general meeting is?

#71. A formal declaration at the will or wishes of the company called?

#72. A resolution passed in general meeting of the company by simple majority is called?

#73. A resolution passed in a general meeting of the share holders by at least three fourth majority of the member voting on it is called?

#74. one who checks the accuracy, fairness and general acceptability of accounting records and statements and then attests to them is called?

#75. The resolution passed by three fourth majority of the share holders entitled to vote as are present in person or by proxy which require special majorities is called?

#76. For special meeting a notice of?

#77. For ordinary meeting / Extra-ordinary meeting a notice of ?

#78. window up of the company is meant the end of the?

#79. Under section 297 of company ordinance 1984, the modes of winding up of company are?

#80. A company may be wound up by an order of court is called?

#81. Under section 309 of companies ordinance 1984 who may file petition winding up of company?

#82. when a company cease to exist and its property is administrated for the benefits of its creditors and member, it is called?

#83. The kinds of voluntary winding up are?

#84. Voluntary winding up of a company take?

#85. The share holders of the company appoint the liquidator to windup the affairs of the company in

#86. Voluntary winding up of company can be took place in?

#87. The ways of voluntary winding up of company are?

#88. Under section 398 who can file application of winding of company are?

#89. An authorized capital of a company is divided into small parts, every part is called?

#90. Kinds of shares are?

#91. The office of the SECP shall be in?

#92. The SECP Act, 1997 was created to succeed the corporate?

#93. SECP was passed parliament and promulgated in?

#94. Majority of the commissioners of SECP shall always be of?

#95. Fedral Govt shall appoint one of the commissioners to be ?

#96. Chief executive officer of the commission shall be the?

#97. Term of office of the commissioners?

#98. Fedral Govt shall upon appoint a securities and exchange poly board consisting of members?

#99. Quorum for a meeting of the board shall be four members including the?

#100. Foreign company is a company registered?

#101. According to SECP the registration of a foreign company is?

#102. Every foreign company to deliver the requiste documents to the registrar concerned with in?

#103. A foreign company is required to obtain a permission letter from the

#104. A foreign company is required to file with the registrar concerned the following accounts/documents every year with in?

#105. Every officer or agent of the foreign company who knowingly or willfully authorizes or permits the default, shall be liable to a fine?

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