MCQs of Administrative Law

The MCQs of the Administrative Law of Pakistan are given here in a Quiz format. Administrative Law is a subject of LL.B Part II. The basic objective behind these Important MCQs of Constitutional history is to prepare the students for the different examinations like LAW GAT, LAW Entry Tests, ADPP, Civil Judge, and Additional Judge examinations.

You can also learn more about the MCQs of Administrative Law and other Subjects as well.

So let’s have a look at the Important 100 most important MCQs of Administrative Law.


#1. Second appeal has to be filed with in?

#2. Time stipulated for presenting an appeal under rule 13 is?

#3. inquiry shall be completed with in 60 days of submission of reply by the accused

#4. Time for completion of inquiry under rule 7 (c) is?

#5. Period of limitation under rule 7 (c) is?

#6. Show cause notice is?

#7. Personal hearing is an?

#8. Minor penalties awarded under Punjab civil servants rules 1975 are?

#9. Compulsory retirement means?

#10. Types of Penalty under rule 4 are?

#11. Modes of summoning witnesses under rule 15 is?

#12. Court fee an appeal under section 9 as

#13. Under section 5 an appeal may be sent to the registrar of service tribunal either by?

#14. Writ Jurisdiction is an extra-ordinary jurisdiction

#15. Service tribunal means?

#16. Service tribunals are established to provide a forum with exclusive jurisdiction in?

#17. Appeal against the decision of service tribunal lies to Supreme Court by virtue of article?

#18. When no departmental remedy available, the civil servant may file an appeal within?

#19. Limitation for filling appeal before service tribunal is?

#20. Matters related to terms and condition of service of civil servants a service tribunal has?

#21. High Court has no jurisdiction in respect of service matters by virtue of bar contained in article?

#22. What does Departmental Authority means?

#23. What does Aggrieved person means?

#24. What does Locus Standi means?

#25. A service tribunal would refer to such an adjudicating body which deals with matter of?

#26. Bench of tribunal may be constitute of the following?

#27. A chairman of tribunal must be a person who has been or is qualified to be a?

#28. Under section 3 (3) a tribunal shall consist of?

#29. Out of terms promotion may be awarded if he exhibits the one of the following:

#30. Under rule 7 the probation rules are?

#31. What are the different modes of Appointment?

#32. The term transfer means the move of an official from?

#33. The appointment of member of a service of class of service in any category or grade to a higher category or grade of such service or class is called?

#34. The appointment of civil servant is an?

#35. Who may have locus standi to file a suit?

#36. Public interest litigation are those litigation in which?

#37. What are Different kinds of injunctions?

#38. Private law review can be exercised through the one of the following modes?

#39. Kinds of writs which can be issued on certain grounds by SC or HC are?

#40. Grounds for ascertaining the abuse of administrative action?

#41. What are the kinds of Judicial Review?

#42. According to Black's law Dictionary administrative action is?

#43. What are the Modes of serving notice? ? Visit this link to learn more

#44. Audi alteram partem means?

#45. Justice must be rooted in condidence and confidence is destroyed when right-minded people go away thinking according to?

#46. What are Different types of Bias?

#47. Principles of natural justice under traditional English Law is?

#48. The term natural justice "expressess the close relationship between"?

#49. Natural Justice is known as?

#50. If two legislative, the executive and judicial function were given to one man there was no end of personal liberty said by?

#51. Characteristics of the term rule of law are?

#52. Mediaevalists approach to the rule of laws are?

#53. Who said, "Government by Laws was superior to Government"?

#54. The doctrine of rule of law is accepted in the constitution of USA and also in?

#55. Doctrine of separation of power is accepted under constitution of the?

#56. Delegated legislation can be controlled by two of the ways?

#57. Main object of administrative law is the operation and control of administrative authorities according to?

#58. Factors responsible for the rapid growth and development of administrative law are?

#59. The founding fathers of theory of Bureaucracy was?

#60. Bureaucracy of Pakistan is?

#61. Administrative accountability is established in government organizations by?

#62. The first book on Public Administration was written by?

#63. Public Administration is the study of?

#64. Planning machinery in Pakistan is?

#65. Financially the performance of public corporation in Pakistan during the last decade has been?

#66. Public Personnel Management in Pakistan is based on the principle of?

#67. Communication runs faster in which system?

#68. Performance budgeting is based on?

#69. The concept of Politics-Administration dichotomy was given by?

#70. The form of leadership in the bureaucracy of Pakistan is?

#71. The president of USA who laid the foundation of the study of public administration was?

#72. Formal relationship in an organization is based on?

#73. The ideal Model of Bureaucracy is based on Authority of?

#74. Pressure groups in Public Administration work for?

#75. The administrative reforms under which various services were merged in occupational groups were introduced in?

#76. Which of the following is an essential component of a formal organization?

#77. Entropy is a law of nature in which all forms of organizations move towards?

#78. Which one of the following is the foundation of modern Human Resource?

#79. The process of transmitting the idea or thought into meaningful symbols is called?

#80. Which of the following is not considered as a formal organization?

#81. Which of the following is not a feature of good governance?

#82. Which is the best way of tackling administrative complaints?

#83. What types of planning is more suitable and appropriate in the interest of the country?

#84. A Plan is a determined course of action. The first major step in the process is?

#85. Line organization is most suitable where?

#86. Personnel functions is a?

#87. An individual who systematically develops a subordinate's abilities through intensive tutoring is named as?

#88. Open door policy is an aid to?

#89. Assigning personal attributes to other individuals is known as?

#90. The key elements of the communication process include all but which of the following?

#91. The open model for organization is referred to as?

#92. The purpose of decision tree is?

#93. The line-item budget covers?

#94. One of the salient feature of civil service system of Pakistan is?

#95. Public goods differ from private goods one the basis of?

#96. There are many bases of administrative leadership which one is the most suitable?

#97. Which of the following was not enunciated as a principle of management by Henry Fayol

#98. Which of the following statements given below regarding decision making is false?

#99. Managerial authority denotes?

#100. What job description includes?

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