CSS Pakistan Affairs Special Exam 2023 Paper

Here you will find the CSS Pakistan Affairs past paper 2023. This exam is a special exam held in 2023. This is called special competitive exam held by FPSC. Find below the past paper of Pakistan Affairs of CSS special exam 2023.

CSS Past Paper of Pakistan Affairs 2023

The following essay topics were given in the paper of special CSS exam 2023:

Q2. Discuss the evolution and development of the separate electorate system. Can it be termed to be the harbinger of the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims?

Q3. There is an opinion that some of the subjects handed over to the provinces in 18th Amendment, should be handed over back to the center. Do you agree: if yes then what subjects and why? If not, then why?

Q4. Discuss the Geo-Strategic importance of Pakistan. Do you agree that it has greatly affected the development of social and political institutions in Pakistan?

Q5. When certain ethnic groups feel left out in social and economic transactions, it leads the collapse of the political system. Discuss this in the perspective of separation of East Pakistan in 1971.

Q6. “Elite capture of the policy making framework has adversely impacted economic development in Pakistan”. Discuss.

Q7. What policy options should Pakistan exercise to effectively address its vulnerability to the phenomenon of Global Warming?

Q8. Give a resume of the mineral resources of Pakistan and comment as to why have we not been able to capitalize upon this resource base?

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