CSS Essay Special Exam 2023 Paper

Here you will find the CSS Essay past paper. This exam is a special exam held in 2023. This is called special competitive exam held by FPSC. Find below the past paper of Essay of CSS special exam 2023.

CSS Past Paper of Essay 2023

The following essay topics were given in the paper of special CSS exam 2023:

1. “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”.

2. Developing countries must be able to reap the benefits of international trade.

3. Artificial intelligence has overpowered its bounds.

4. No legacy is so rich as honesty.

5. Social media has destroyed real life communication.

6. Globalization: The end of austerity.

7. Children must be taught how to thin, not what to think.

8. Pakistani women have the same chances as men.

9. Unipolar, bipolar or multipolar: new direction of the world.

10. So, surely with hardship comes ease.

View the CSS Essay Past Paper 2023:

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