Environmental Pollution, Global Warming and Water Crisis in Pakistan

Do you know Pakistan is seriously effecting by Environmental Pollution, Global Warming, and the water crisis? The Secretary General of the United Nations, after seeing the flood situation in Pakistan on Friday 09, 2022 said that Pakistan has no role in increasing environmental pollution around the world, but Pakistan has suffered the most. The world should help Pakistan.

Pakistan is among the ten countries in the world that are suffering from environmental pollution, global warming, and a dangerous water crisis. This year, official data has admitted that Pakistan’s canal system is suffering from a 50% water shortage. Even today, Pakistan wastes a large part of its available water by dumping it in the sea.

After 60’s we could not build any big water reservoirs, now it is time to construct all designed small and big dams including the Kalabagh dam on priority, and regularization of canals to save agricultural water from wastage. Cleanliness should also be done, and a culture of water conservation should be adopted. It should be noted that even when there was no petrol and diesel, human life existed, human life is impossible without water. Since ancient times, wars have been going on over the issue of water.

Colombia has the highest rainfall in the world at 3240 mm. Pakistan ranks 145th with an average annual rainfall of 494 mm. Bangladesh is in the third position. In many countries in Europe where it rains more or less throughout the year, there is no flood or devastation like in Pakistan.

Hardly any ruler or master of power and authority will discuss what is the real issue. As we all know, there are no dams and there is no arrangement to collect and regulate the water during heavy monsoon rains.

On the one hand, Karachi, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and most of the areas of inner Punjab do not have clean drinking water. The crops are becoming barren, while on the other hand, the rainwater becomes so much in the form of floods that half of the country is submerged and destroyed.

If dams had been built in the country, there would have been no drinking water problem, no farmers’ lands would have been barren, no electricity problems, and no disastrous flood scenario. We can build an atomic bomb despite the opposition of the whole world, but we cannot build a dam because of the fear of a few anti-national elements.

There is no doubt that due to global climate changes and increasing pollution, such gases are being produced which has created a worldwide environmental problem. It is also true that our region is the most affected by environmental pollution and climate change.

The United Nations and major countries of the world also agree that the rains in Pakistan this year were heavy due to climate change. International financial institutions are helping Pakistan to deal with the effects of this change in the environment.

The effects of climate change are an international process but have we as Pakistanis taken any wise and insightful steps to protect our country? Of course, the answer will be negative. International environmental organizations had sounded the alarm 10 to 15 years ago that if attention is not paid to climate change and climate effects, between 2020 and 25.

Pakistan will be among the ten countries in the world where extreme weather and climate will occur. Changes will occur and famine may occur due to a lack of food production. The question is, did we pay any attention to this? So of course the answer will be negative.

Pakistan is currently suffering from the worst economic crisis along with a political crisis. Due to the floods, the international community came to our attention in the name of humanitarianism.

Destruction due to floods and rains is not a happy aspect, but even in this trial, God has opened the door for Pakistanis to reform their system. Billions of dollars and goods are getting for the people of Pakistan, our rulers should distribute this money to the needy and do town planning to settle the homeless people in such a way that they can be protected from heavy rains next year. Priority attention is also requested for building water reservoirs and dams in the country.


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