CSS Current Affairs Special Exam 2023 Paper

Here you will find the CSS Current Affairs past paper 2023. This exam is a special exam held in 2023. This is called special competitive exam held by FPSC. Find below the past paper of Current Affairs of CSS special exam 2023.

CSS Past Paper of Current Affairs 2023

The following essay topics were given in the paper of special CSS exam 2023:

Q2. Pakistan’s economy is currently under severe stress with low foreign reserves, a depreciating currency, and exponentially high inflation. What measures can be taken in the short and medium terms to stabilize the deteriorating economic conditions?

Q3. Since its birth, Pakistan has been struggling with the problems of governance, largely caused by democratic instability, corruption, lack of accountability, and absence of institutional reforms. Discuss in detail the linkages and accumulated impact of these factors on socio-economic development of the country.

Q4. China’s proactive diplomacy has successfully achieved rapprochement between the two traditional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran. Analyze the impact of this significant development on the geo-politics of the region.

Q5. What are the critical issues in Afghanistan-Pakistan relations since the Taliban took over Kabul in 2021.

Q6. The world is falling short of achieving gender equality despite global efforts. If the current trends continue, eight percent of women and girls global population will live in extreme poverty by 2030. Suggest strategies to improve gender balance, especially with reference to Pakistan.

Q7. Write a note on the expansion of BRICS and its attempts towards de-dollarization of the international economy, highlighting its global and regional implications.

Q8. India has emerged as an economic and political power in the past few years. What are the likely implications of this scenario for the region’s strategic dynamics in general and Pakistan in particular?

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