CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-II 2024

Here, you will find the CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-II 2024. You can view or download this CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-II 2024. The IR paper-II of CSS was held on 03-03-2024.

International Relations (IR) Paper-II for CSS 2024

Q2. With the evolving situation in Afghanistan, how does China engage with Pakistan to ensure stability in the region, and what are the shared strategic interests and potential divergences between the two countries in the context of post-withdrawal Afghanistan?

Q3. Under President Putin, Russian foreign policy has experienced a revival. Russia is back on the world stage and projecting its power through economic and less politico-military means. Comment.

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Q4. Recent relationship between the US and China seems to be prey to Thueydides’ trap. Can America and China escape it? Analyze it keeping in view the recent trends in international politics.

Q5. Graham Allison has devised different models for making choices in foreign policy decisions. Compare and contrast the Rational Actor Model and the Bureaucratic Politics Model to illustrate foreign policy decisions. Which model better explains Pakistan’s decision 2015 to decline Saudi Arabia’s call for armed support in the Yemen war?

Q6. Compare and contrast Fukuyama’s End of History’ and Huntington’s Clash of Civilization’ in the backdrop of the interpretation of the post-Cold war era. Which interpretation seems more attractive in explaining international politics in the post-Cold war era?

Q7. With the Abraham accords between Israel and some Arab states, how has the October 2023 Israel-Gaza war impacted the broader dynamics of the Arab-Israeli conflict particularly prospects for the two-state solution?

Q8. Pakistan and India are nuclear-armed neighbors. The normalization of the bilateral relationship between them has not become possible despite several peace initiatives like the Simla Accord and the Composite Dialogue. Is sustained peace possible between them?

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CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-II 2024

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