CSS Geology Paper 2024

The subject of Geology is an important and optional subject in CSS examination. You will find the CSS Geology Paper 2024. The Geology Paper of CSS was held on 06-03-2024.

Geology Paper for CSS 2024


Q1. What is the difference between fracture and joints? Discuss importance of fracture and joint analysis.

Q2. Discuss in detail the concept and terminology of faults. Discuss criteria for identification of faults.

Q3. What are igneous rocks? Give in short, the mineralogical and textural classification of igneous rocks.

Q4. Write briefly an overview of the major tectonics features of Pakistan.


Q5. Describe characteristic features for occurrence of Petroleum System in any Basin.

Q6. Write in detail types, occurrence and uses of economic mineral deposits of Punjab.

Q7. What is a landslide? Explain the types of slides and the factors that trigger landslides.

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CSS Geology MCQs Paper 2024
CSS Geology Paper 2024

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