CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-I 2024

Here, you will find the CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-I 2024. You can view or download this CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-I 2024. The IR paper-I of CSS was held on 03-03-2024.

International Relations (IR) Paper-I for CSS 2024

Q2. How does the definition and scope of international relations evolve in light of the ongoing war situations in Ukraine and Palestine? What insights do these conflicts my, into the complexities of global diplomatic, political, and socio-economic interactions?

Q3. How do the thoughts of Woodrow Wilson, Norman Angell, and Alfred Zimmern contribute to the development of Liberal Internationalism? Analyze and discuss various aspects of Liberal Internationalism, considering the perspectives of these thinkers and examining their respective beliefs on global governance, peace, and cooperation.

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Q4. Is the financial support provided by the IMF truly a “debt trap,” as some argue, or does it serve as a supportive mechanism for the economic recovery of impoverished nations? Through a comprehensive analysis, evaluate the impacts of IMF assistance on the financial health of recipient countries, considering both the criticisms and the supportive stance. Conclude with a bold and clear position on the role of IMF in economic recovery of poor nations.

Q5. How do you define Climate Change and Global Warming, What concrete evidence supports the assertion that the climate is undergoing change? Analyze the scientific discourse surrounding human-induced climate change, exploring the role of human activities in this phenomenon. Provide thoughtful suggestions for securing the climate on planet Earth, considering both individual and collective actions.

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Q6. How have the dynamics of Pakistan-Iran relations transformed in the aftermath of targeting terrorist hideouts in each other’s territories? What are the potential future implications based on the Realist School of Thought? Analyze the shifts in the relationship, considering geopolitical factors, national interest, and power dynamics, and evaluate the potential consequences according to realist principles.

Q7. Under the Taliban rule, Afghanistan has not secured global political recognition. What faders contribute to this failure on the international stage? How have the Taliban’s policies, particularly in areas such as non-cooperation with international community, human rights and governance, impacted the reluctance of the international community to recognize the government?

Q8. How does the United Nations, often criticized as a failed world body with a biased and undemocratic Security Council? Justify its actions or lack thereof in the context of war in Gaza?

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CSS International Relations (IR) Paper 2024

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