CSS Current Affairs MCQs Paper 2024 (Solved)

Here, you will find the CSS Current Affairs MCQs Paper 2024. You can get the solved MCQs paper of CSS Current Affairs 2024. I have given a full solution to all the 20 MCQs given in the paper and you can find them below:

Current Affairs MCQs Paper for CSS 2024

Select the best option and fill in the appropriate box on the OMR Answer Sheet.

1. The recent escalation in Palestinian-Israel Conflict occurred on ___ 2023.

A. 6 October
B. 7 October
C. 8 October
D. None of these

2. The book “The China Pakistan Axis: Asian’s New Geopolitics” was written by:

A. Stephen P. Cohen
B. Andrew Linklater
C. Andrew Small
D. None of these

3. The 2023 G20 Summit held in India in ___ September.

A. 5-6
B. 7-8
D. None of these

4. An extraordinary meeting of the OIC Foreign Ministers on Palestine conflict held in October, 2023 in:

A. Bahrain
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Qatar
D. None of these

5. Krakow is a city in:

A. Poland
B. Ukraine
C. Russia
D. None of these

6. The Headquarters of African Union is situated in:

A. Ethiopia
B. Niger
C. Nigeria
D. None of these

7. The capital of Costa Rica is:

A. San Jose
B. Tegucigalpa
C. Managua
D. None of these

8. TASS is the ___ State-owned news agency.

A. French
B. Russian
C. German
D. None of these

9. The Boao Forum for Asia was founded in:

A. 2001
B. 2002
C. 2003
D. None of these

10. Article 25(A) of the Pakistan’s constitution deals with:

A. Right to Health
B. Right to Vote
C. Right to Education
D. None of these

11.World Snooker Championship 2023 held in:

A. England
B. Scotland
C. Ireland
D. None of these

12.___ is the Nigerian Currency.

A. Nigerian Dollar
B. Nigerian Lira
C. Nigerian Naira
D. None of these

13.There are ___ Special Economic Zones in CPEC.

A. Six
B. Seven
C. Eight
D. None of these

Note: While there were originally nine SEZs planned under CPEC, as of March 1, 2024, there are only four in advanced stages of development. Therefore, the answer is D. None of these.

Here’s a breakdown for clarity:

  • Initially planned: 9 SEZs
  • Current status:
    • Advanced development: 4 SEZs
    • Feasibility stage: 5 SEZs

It’s important to note that the information about the number of SEZs can change over time, so it’s always best to consult reliable and up-to-date sources for the latest information.

14.Nobel Prize Winner for Literature Mr. Louise Gluck belongs to:

B. Canada
C. Australia
D. None of these

15.The book “The United States and the Turmoil in Afghanistan and Pakistan” was written by:

A. Ahmed Rashid
B. Sarah Chayes
C. Andrew Exum
D. None of these

Note: The book “The United States and the Turmoil in Afghanistan and Pakistan” was written by A. Ahmed Rashid. While Sarah Chayes and Andrew Exum are other authors who have written books about Afghanistan and Pakistan, they are not the authors of this specific book.

16.The UN climate change conference was held in November-December 2023 in:

A. Copenhagen
B. Bonn
C. Brussels
D. None of these (Dubai)

17.There are ___ members in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

A. 12
B. 13
C. 14
D. None of these

18.World Tourism Day is observed every year on:

A. 25 September
B. 26 September
C. 27 September
D. None of these

19.___ is the current chancellor of Germany.

A. Angela Merkel
B. Olaf Schoiz
C. Robert Habeck
D. None of these

20.The 2023 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) summit took place on 18-19 September 2023 in:

A. New York
B. Washington DC
C. Chicago
D. None of these

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