Wildlife Acts and Rules of Pakistan

There are different Wildlife Acts and Rules of Pakistan and we collected them in one place.

Wildlife Acts and Rules of Pakistan

Following Acts and Rules are included:

  1. History of Wildlife Legislation in Pakistan.
  2. West Pakistan Wildlife Protection Ordinance, 1959.
  3. West Pakistan Wildlife Protection Rules, 1960.
  4. The Pakistan Wildlife Ordinance, 1971.
  5. Sindh Wildlife Protection Ordinance, 1972.
  6. Balochistan wildlife Protection Act, 1974.
  7. Balochistan Wildlife Protection Rules, 1975.
  8. Punjab Wildlife Act & Rules, 1974.
  9. Azad Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife Act, 1975.
  10. Azad Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife Rules, 1985.
  11. W.F.P. Wildlife Act, 1975.
  12. W.F.P. Wildlife Rules, 1977.
  13. Northern Areas Wildlife Preservation Act 1975.

At the time of independence, wildlife legislation was no doubt voluminous, but was only concerned with the hunting game species and killing predators. This legislation, being regulatory, in nature could not provide the desired improvement for the management of species and habitat.

The indifferent attitude of the public towards wildlife management made the enforcement of law weaker and supported the extinction of species such as cheetah, wild dog, and chowsingha. Many species of mammals, birds, and reptiles also become threatened in due course of time.

The Policy related to the conservation of wildlife in Pakistan gained momentum during the 1960s at national and international levels. As a result, comprehensive draft legislation was recommended by the wildlife Inquiry Committee for enactment by the respective provinces in 1971. The management of wildlife is a provincial matter, therefore, each province enacted its own Acts and Rules.

You can download Wildlife Acts and Rules of Pakistan.

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