National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance, 1999


No. XVIII of 1999
November 16, 1999


AN ORDINANCE to provide for the setting up of a National Accountability Bureau so as to eradicate corruption and corrupt practices and hold accountable all those persons accused of such practices and matters ancillary thereto;

WHEREAS it is expedient and necessary to provide for effective measures for the detection, investigation, prosecution, and speedy disposal of cases involving corruption, corrupt practices, misuse/abuse of power, misappropriation of property, kickbacks, commissions, and for matters connected and ancillary or incidental thereto;

AND WHEREAS there is an emergent need for the recovery of outstanding amounts from those persons who have committed default in the repayment of amounts to Banks, Financial Institutions, government and other agencies;

AND WHEREAS there is a grave and urgent need for the recovery of state money and other assets from those persons who have misappropriated or removed such assets through corruption, corrupt practices, and misuse of power and/or authority;

AND WHEREAS it is necessary that a National Accountability Bureau be set up so as to achieve the above aims;

AND WHEREAS the National Assembly and the Senate stand suspended in pursuance of the Proclamation of the Fourteenth day of October 1999 and the Provisional Constitution Order No. 1 of 1999, as amended;

AND WHEREAS the President is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it
necessary to take immediate action;

NOW, THEREFORE, in pursuance of the aforesaid Proclamation and Provisional Constitutional Order as well as Order No. 9 of 1999, and in the exercise of all powers enabling him on that behalf, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is pleased to make and promulgate the following Ordinance:-

1 Title
This Ordinance may be called the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance, of 1999
(No XVIII of 1999).

2 Commencement

This Ordinance shall come into force at once and shall be deemed to have come into force from the 1st day of January 1985.

3 Ordinance to override other laws

The provisions of this Ordinance shall have effect notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force.

4 Application
It extends to the whole of Pakistan and shall apply to all persons in Pakistan, and persons who are or have been in the service of Pakistan wherever they may be,
including areas that are part of Federally and Provincially Administered Tribal Areas.

5 Definitions

an “Accused” shall include a person in respect of whom there are reasonable grounds to believe, is, or has been involved in the commission of any offense triable under this Ordinance and/or is subject of an investigation/inquiry by the National Accountability Bureau, or concerned Agency.

Download NAB ordinance 1999.

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