The Canal and Drainage Act, 1873


THE CANAL AND DRAINAGE is an Act to regulate Irrigation, Navigation, and Drainage system. It was formulated on 11th February 1873.

Preamble. WHEREAS, throughout the territories to which this Act extends, [the Provincial Government] is entitled to use and control for public purposes the water of all rivers and streams following in natural channels, and of all lakes and other natural collections of still water; and whereas it is expedient to amend the law relating to irrigation, navigation, and drainage in the said

territories; it is hereby enacted as follows:–


1. Short title. This Act may be called the Canal and Drainage Act, 1873.

 Local extent. It extends to [Punjab] and applies to all lands, whether permanently settled, temporarily settled, or free from revenue.

2. 1[Repealed] Legal Amendments

1. Rep. by the Repealing Act, 1873 (XII of 1873), S. 1 and Sch., Pt. II.

3. Interpretation-clause. In this Act, unless there be something repugnant in the subject or context: –

(1) ‘Canal’ ‘Canal’ includes-

(a) all canals, channels, and reservoirs constructed, maintained, or controlled by the Provincial Government for the supply or storage of water;

(b) all works, embankments, structures, supply and escape channels connected with such canals, channels, or reservoirs;

(c) all watercourses as defined in the second clause of this section;

(d) all parts of a river, stream, lake, or natural collection of water or natural drainage channel, to which the Provincial Government has applied the provisions of Part II of this Act.

You can download The Canal and Drainage Act, 1873.

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