Punjab Leave Rules, 1981 (Revised and Updated)

Here you will find the Punjab Leave Rules, 1981 (Revised and Updated). Punjab leave rules are related to employee annual and monthly leaves. These rules are equally enforceable in all the government departments of Punjab.


The 13th July 1981

No.F.D.SR-III-1-85/78–In exercise of the powers conferred by section 23 of the Civil Servants Act, 1974, the Governor is pleased to make the following rules, namely:

1. Short title, application and commencement– (1) These rules may be called
the Revised Leave Rules, 1981.

(2) They shall apply to all civil servants other than those who were employed before the first day of July, 1978, and opted not to be governed by the Revision of Leave Rules issued under the Finance Department’s Circular Letter No.FD.SR-III-1-85/78 dated 5th November, 1978.

(3) They shall come into force at once.

2. When leave earned– (1) All service rendered by a civil servant qualifies him to earn leave in accordance with these rules but shall not be earned during the period of leave.

(2) Any period spent by a civil servant in Foreign Service qualifies him to earn leave provided that contribution towards leave salary is paid to the Government on account of such period.

3. Earning and accumulation of leave– (1) A civil servant shall earn leave only on full pay which shall be calculated at the rate of four days for every calendar month of duty rendered and credited to the leave account as “Leave on full pay”.

(2) Duty period of fifteen days or less in a calendar month shall be ignored and that of more than fifteen days shall be treated as full calendar month for the purpose of calculation of earned leave.

(3) If a civil servant proceeds on leave during a calendar month and returns from it during another calendar month and the period of duty in either month is more than fifteen days, the leave to be credited for both the incomplete months shall be restricted to that admissible for one full calendar month only.

(4) There shall be no maximum limit on the accumulation of such leave.

4. Civil Servants in Vocation Department– (1) A civil servant in Vocation Department may earn leave on full pay:

(a) When he avails himself of full vacation in a calendar year at the rate of one day for every calendar month of duty rendered;

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