Pakistan Climate Change Act 2017 (updated)

Pakistan Climate Change Act 2017 (updated)

IT is an act to meet Pakistan’s obligation under the International Convention relating to climate change and address effects of climate change. It was enacted in 2017.

Pakistan Climate Change Act 2017 (Highlights)

The Pakistan Climate Change Act establishes the Pakistan Climate Change Council, headed by the Prime Minister, and consists of:

  • The Ministers in charge of climate change, finance, agriculture, food security and research, planning, development and reform, petroleum and natural resources, science and technology, water and power, and foreign affairs
  • Chief Ministers of the Provinces
  • Ministers-in-charge of the department allocated with the subject of the environment in the Provinces
  • Other persons not exceeding thirty as the Prime Minister may appoint, of which at least twenty shall be non-officials, including representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, non-governmental organizations concerned with climate change, the environment and development and scientists, researchers, technical experts, and educationists
  • Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority
  • Chairman, Pakistan Climate Change Authority; and
  • Secretary of the Division allocated with the subject of climate change, who shall also be the Secretary of the Council.

l. Short title and commencement:-  This Acl may be called the Pakistan Climate Change Act, 2017.

(2) lt extends to the whole of Pakistan.
(3) lt shall come into force at once.

2. Definitions,ln this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-

(a) “adaptation” means an adjustment in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli or their effects which moderates harm or exploits beneficial opportunities:

(b) “Authority” means the Pakistan Climate Change Authority established under section 5;

(c) “Council” means the Pakistan Climate Change Council established under section 3:

(d) “climate change” means a change in the climate system which is caused by significant changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases as a direct or indirect consequence of human activities and which is in addition to natural climate change that has been observed during a considerable period;

(e) “emissions”, in relation to greenhouse gas, means emissions of that gas into the atmosphere caused by human activity.

You can download Pakistan Climate Change Act 2017 (updated).

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