Notification of Revised Rates of Travelling and Mileage Allowance 2023

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division issued a notification on 06-08-2023 regarding with Revised Rates for Travelling and Mileage Allowance for Federal Employees in 2023. The new rates of TA and mileage Allowance are effective from 1st July 2023. The details are as under:

Revised Rates 2023 Travelling and Mileage Allowance

Government of Punjab with the consent of the finance division decides to revise the traveling end mileage allowances of all government officials. The increase in traveling and mileage allowance is for all the employees/workers working in public departments in the province of Punjab.

The president of Pakistan decides to sanction revised rates of mileage allowance admissible to government officials and officers while on duty within the country.

  1. The existing rates of the motor car is Rs. 5. After revision the new rate for motor car is Rs. 7.5 per kilometer.
  2. The current rate of motorcycle and scooter is Rs. 2.5 per kilometer. Government revises this rate as Rs.3.75 per kilometer.
  3. The previous rate of personal car or taxi is Rs. 10 per kilometer and the after-revision it is rupees 15 per kilometer.
  4. The existing rate of Mileage Allowance of motorcycle or is Rs. 10 per kilometer after revision an increase of Rs.05. Its new rate is Rs.15 per kilometer.
  5. The existing rate of bicycle is Rs. 02 per kilometer and the new rate is Rs.03 per kilometer.
  6. The current rate of Travel by air for government servants in basic pay scale 17 and above is Rs. 0.02 per kg per kilometer and the new rate is Rs. 0.03 per KG per kilometer.

Detail of Revised TA 2023

Sr.NoTransportationExisting RatesRevised Rates
1.Motor CarRs.5/- per KMRs.7.5 Per Km
2.Motor Cycle /ScooterRs.2.5 Per KmRs.3.75 Per Km

Revision of Mileage Allowance Rates

Sr.NoVehicleExisting RatesNew Revised Rates
1.Personal Car /TaxiRs.10/- Per KMRs.15/- Per KM
2.Motor Cycle /ScooterRs.04 /- Per KMRs.06/- Per Km
3.BicycleRs.02/- Per KmRs.06/- Per KM

Revision of Travelling and Mileage Allowance if Travel By Air

Sr.No Carriage of Personal Effect on Transfer or RetirementExisting RatesNew Revised Rates
1.Rs.0.02/- Per KG Per KMRs.0.03/- Per KG Per KM

Federal Government has recently issued the Notification Revised Rates of Daily Allowance 2023 for Federal Government employees. These new rates of Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance will really increase the TA/DA of an employee who performs an official duty within Pakistan or goes on retirement.

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