Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Papers September 2019

Here is the Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Paper held in 2019 September. LAT stands for Law Admission Test. LAT is made compulsory for taking admission to the 5-year LL.B study scheme. This is now a test for students who wish to be a law graduate and want to pursue their career in the field of Law and legal affairs in Pakistan. Here, we have arranged LAT Past Paper held in September 2019 with a solution. Find below Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Paper held in September 2019.


Choose the most similar word from given words

1. Hassie

a) Inconvenience
b) Assistant
c) Agreement
d) Relaxed

2. Explicit

a) Vague
b) Obvious
c) Ambiguous
d) False

3. Candid

a) Biased
b) Partial
c) Tactful
d) Truthful

4. Epidemic

a) Contagious
b) Limited
c) Restricted
d) Imperfect

5. Astonishing

a) Ordinary
b) marvelous
c) Dull
d) Average

7. Eager

a) Disinterested
b) Impartial
c) Unbiased
d) Ambitious

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Select the most opposite words

8. Solicitous

a) Distant
b) Aloof
c) Remote
d) Attentive

9. Grab

a) Seize
b) Capture
c) Release
d) Catch

10. Precedent

a) Example
b) Criterion
c) Norm
d) Ultimate

11. Entitle

a) Forbid
b) Permit
c) Designate
d) Empower

12. Retrieve

a) Privilege
b) Lose
c) Retrain
d) Uncertain

13. Destination

a) Determination
b) Alternation
c) Variation
d) Perfection

14. Precision

a) Accuracy
b) Exactness
c) Vagueness
d) Meticulous

Fill in Blanks with suitable words

15. The Windows are bare because I ___ like curtains

a) have not
b) may not
c) Might not
d) Don’t

16. How ___ money do you have?

a) More
b) Much
c) Some
d) Many

17. Did you_____ the word essay in word Essay is derived from Latin word exagium?

a) Knew
b) Known
c) Know
d) none of the above

18. This idea ___ longer matches the reality of the modern world.

a) Could
b) Should
c) No
d) Can

19. where did you ___ last summer.

a) Gone
b) Visited
c) Visit
d) Went

20. Education must focus on ________ helping students gain information management and innovation skills.

a) on
b) Into
c) In
d) To


1. Which county has the largest population?

a) Indian
b) America
c) China
d) Russia

2. Karakorum Highway connects which two countries?

a) Pakistan- India
b) Pakistan- Afghanistan
c) Pakistan- China
d) Pakistan-Iran

3. English-channel between which two countries?

a) England- Ireland
b) England-Scotland
c) England- Greenland
d) England-France

4. BREXIT stands for:

a) Exit of European courtiers from England
b) Exit of England from European Countries
c) Association of European Countries Union Countries.
d) all of the Above

5. Commonwealth association of those countries which are former territories of

a) British Empire
b) French Colonies
c) the American States
d) European Union

6. Which country has no codified constitution

a) Germany
b) America
c) India
d) England

7. which country is hosting the next Football World Cup?

a) Brazil
b) Qatar
c) Spain
d) Japan

8. Tenure of American President is

a) Three Years
b) Four Years
c) five Years
d) Noe of the above

9. which one is the operating system?

a) Microsoft Windows
b) Android
c) Linux
d) All of the above

10. Eiffel Tower is in the city of

a) London
b) New York
c) Paris
d) Tokyo

11. Russia invaded Afghanistan in the year

a) 1979
b) 1985
c) 1989
d) 1990

12. which country is famous for tea production?

a) Bangladesh
b) Cuba
c) Mexico
d) Kenya

13. River Kabul flows from Afghanistan to which province of Pakistan?

a) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
b) Balochistan
c) Azad Jammu Kashmir
d) Gilgit Baltistan

14. which two countries have to share no border?

a) Iran-China
b) China-South Korea
c) Australia –Newzeland
d) America-Mexico

15. Genghis Khan was the founder of the ___ Empire.

a) Tibetian
b) Mongol
c) Chinese
d) Japanese

16. Taxila Museum has a collection of

a) Ghandhara Arts
b) Mughals Arts
c) Venus Arts
d) Bhemket Ka Arts

17. Ottoman Empire Historically know to

a) Egyptian
b) Roman
c) Turkish
d) Spanish

18. United Nations Headquarters is in which City?

a) London
b) Paris
c) New York
d) Brussels

19. Which county has not the status of Nuclear Power

a) China
b) Russia
c) America
d) Germany

20. The project CPEC between which two countries?

a) Pakistan-Iran
b) Pakistan- Afghanistan
c) Pakistan- China
d) Russia-China


1. Muslim perform Hajj on which day of Zilhaj

a) 10th day
b) 9th day
c) 8th day
d) 7th day

2. Islamic Calendar starts with

a) Rabi Ul Awwal
b) Safar
c) Muharram
d) Rajab

3. Misaq-e-Madina treaty was signed between Muslims and

a) Jews
b) Christians
c) Parsis
d) Romans

4. Which ritual can be performed at any time of the year?

a) Hajj
b) Umrah
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above

5. Hajr-e-Aswad stone was placed at

a) Kabbah
b) Masjid E Nabvi
c) Safa Marwa
d) Masjid Quba

6. Which Battle was very Important and Decisive for Islam?

a) Khandaq
b) Badr
c) Yarmouk
d) Ahzab

7. Khateeb-Ul-Anbia was the title of

a) Prophet Dawood (A.S)
b) Prophet Noah (A.S)
c) Prophet Ibrahim (A.S)
d) Prophet Shoaib (A.S)

8. Which year is called “Am-Ul-Huzn (Year of Grief)

a) when Hazrat Khadija died
b) When Hazrat Abu Talib died
c) When Hazrat Umer died
d) Both A and B

9. Which King refused to hand over Muslims to Quraish when they migrated to Abyssinia?

a) Najashi
b) Abrahah
c) Hawazin
d) None of the above

10. Which were/were the terms of the Treaty of Hudiabiya?

a) Muslims can perform Pilgrim
b) Muslim can only stay for three days at Makkah while performing pilgrim
c) There would be no fighting for ten years
d) All of the Above


1. Gen Zia-Ul-Haque took over the power from which Prime Minister of Pakistan?

a) Benazir Bhutto
b) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
c) Nawaz Sharif
d) Moeen Qureshi

2. The national game of Pakistan is

a) Cricket
b) Hockey
c) Football
d) Tennis

3. General Election held in Pakistan after every

a) 4 Years
b) 5 Years
c) 6 Years
d) None of the Above

4. Capital of Pakistan was shifted from ___ to Islamabad

a) Peshawar
b) Karachi
c) Lahore
d) Abbottabad

5. Indus River does not pass through the province

a) Punjab
b) Balochistan
c) Khyberpakhtunkhwa
d) Sindh

6. Which city is famous for saints

a) Multan
b) Bahawalpur
c) Lahore
d) Hyderabad

7. The tomb of Pakistan Poet Allam Muhammad Iqbal is in

a) Sialkot
b) Karachi
c) Lahore
d) Gujranwala

8. Pakistan didn’t win the world cup in

a) Hockey
b) Cricket
c) Squash
d) Football

9. Pakistan Estimated Population in 2020 is?

a) 150 Million
b) 200 Million
c) 220 Million
d) 250 Million

10. Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Died at

a) Quetta
b) Ziarat
c) Sibi
d) Karachi


اطاعت: حکم بجا لانا

تعجب : حیرت
اندیشہ : اندازہ

پسماندہ : غربت

قناعت : صبر

 استفادہ : فائدہ مند

مقبولیت : مشہور

 مفید : فائدہ مند

سخی : دریا دل

 قلیل : مختصر


1. ¾ – ¼ + 2/4 + 4/8=

a) ¼
b) 0.25
c) ½
d) 1

2. A person bought a house for Rs. 5, 000, 000. After two years he told the house at a profit of 5%. How much profit did he make?

a) 25,000.
b) 5000,000.
c) 250,000.
d) 50,000

3. There are 60 students in the class, if 30% are boys, then how many girls are there in the class?

a) 42
b) 23
c) 28
d) 36

4. x/3 + 5x/3+12x-4=0, then x is

a) 1/6
b) 1/3
c) 1/4
d) 2/7

5. Simplify the {2x+3} + (6x-3)- (3x-5) =

a) 5x-1
b) 5x + 5
c) x
d) 0


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  • The world as becoming a global Village
  • Advantages and Disadvantages


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