Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Paper 12 November 2023

Here is the Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Paper held on 12 November 2023. LAT stands for Law Admission Test. LAT is a compulsory test for admission to the 5-year LL.B. This is now a test for students who want to be law graduates and pursue their careers in the field of Law and legal affairs in Pakistan.

This is LAT Past Paper held on 12 November 2023 with a complete solution. Find below the LAT Past Paper held in November 2023.

LAT Preparation - Official App
LAT Preparation – Official App

LAT Past Paper 12 November 2023

The following questions were asked in the LAT paper of 12 November 2023:

LAT Islamic Study MCQs

How many Makki surah in the Holy Quran?

Ans: 86

In which Ghazwa Hazrat Jaffar were martyred?

Ans: Battle of Mu’tah

Self Respect to mankind is given by whom?

Ans: Islam

Which of the following Prophet was given title of Israel?

Ans: Hazrat Yaqub (A.S)

Meaning of Wohi?

Ans: Revelation

Who was the master of Hazrat Bilal?

Ans: Umayyah ibn Khalaf

Where did Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) stay during migration to Madinah?

Ans: Cave of Soor

LAT Pak Study MCQs

National Fruit of Pakistan

Ans: Mango

Now or never pamphlet written by?

Ans: Choudhary Rahmat Ali

Nehru report was signed in which year?

Ans: August 1928

Largest Dam in Pakistan?

Ans: Tarbela Dam

Tashkent Pact was signed in?

Ans: 10 January 1966

LAT General Knowledge MCQs

A group of bees is called?

Ans: a colony

Biggest animal of the world?

Ans: The Blue whale

Currency of Brazil is?

Ans: The Brazilian real

London is the capital of which country?

Ans: United Kingdom

Biggest ocean of the world is?

Ans: Pacific Ocean

Who is known as captain cool in cricket?

Ans: MS Dhoni

Nelson Mandela belongs to which country?

Ans: South Africa

Number of Bones in the human body?

Ans: 206 bones

The first page of the website is called?

Ans: Homepage

Our Earth is present in which galaxy?

Ans: Milky Way

LAT English MCQs

It was so dark there ___ we couldn’t see anyting.

Ans: that

He is ___ cold.

Ans: used to

There is no one to ___.

Ans: to talk

Synonym of Gloomy is?

Ans: Dark

Antonym of Fragile is?

Ans: Strong

Antonym of Abruptly is?

Ans: expensive

Antonym of Credible is?

Ans: deceptive

LAT Essay Topics

  • Does media brutality provoke violence in people.
  • Effect of computer in our lives.
  • Should death penalty be removed?

LAT Personal Statement

  • Proud Moment of Your Life

So this is the complete solution of LAT past paper conducted in November 2023. If you find any mistake in here please let us know. We’ll try to fix it as soon possible.

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