Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Papers 30 January 2022

Here is the Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Paper held on 30 January 2022. LAT stands for Law Admission Test. LAT is made compulsory for taking admission to the 5-year LL.B study scheme. This is now a test for students who wish to be law graduates and want to pursue their careers in the field of Law and legal affairs in Pakistan. Here, we have arranged LAT Past Paper held on 30 January 2022 with a complete solution. Find below Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Paper held in January 2022.

LAT Past Paper 30 January 2022

The following questions were asked in the LAT paper of 30 January 2022:

LAT English MCQs

Write synonyms of the following words:


Ans: make fun of


Ans: Walk


Ans: Outline


Ans: stink


Ans: defrost

Write antonyms of the following words:


Ans: low


Ans: polite


Ans: dispiriting


Ans: credulous

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LAT Pak Study MCQs

When did the 2nd Martial Law imposed?

Ans: 1969

Which type of government was in 1962?

Ans: Presidential Government

What form of government was introduced in the 1973 Constitution?

Ans: Parliamentary form of government

The longest peak of the Himalayas in Pakistan?

Ans: Nanga Parbat

1st president of the Constitutional Assembly was?

Ans: Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Who abrogated the first constitution of Pakistan?

Ans: President Iskander Mirza

Where are the biggest Gold and Copper mines in Pakistan?

Ans: Balochistan province

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) was inaugurated by?

Ans: Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1948.

First Constitutional Amendment was made in which year?

Ans: 1974

Minto Park is also known as?

Ans: Greater Iqbal Park

Which province of Pakistan is called the “Land of Apples”?

Ans: KPK

Punjab is on which side of Pakistan?

Ans: East Side

Which Pass Connects Peshawar With Chitral?

Ans: Lowari Pass

Which is the biggest Textile Market in Pakistan?

Ans: Faisalabad

When Quaid-e-Azam gave his 14 points?

Ans: 1929

LAT General Knowledge MCQs

How many members does NATO have?

Ans: 30 Members

Peacock Throne was given to?

Ans: Emperor Shahjahan

Founder of Mughal Empire?

Ans: Zaheer-ud-din Babar

Largest Earth fill Dam in the World?

Ans: Tarbela Dam, Pakistan

Carbon makes which of Earth’s Hard Elements?

Ans: Diamond

How many hours Pakistan is ahead of GMT?

Ans: 5 hours ahead of GMT.

Which Pakistan players won the title of “King of Squash”?

Ans: Jahangir Khan

Shortest Day of the Year?

Ans: 22 December

What is the Capital of Australia?

Ans: Canberra

Who is the winner of the T20 World in 2021?

Ans: Australia

How many States does the USA have?

Ans: 50

Berlin is the City of Which Country?

Ans: Germany

Which is the highest peak of Himalayas?

Ans: Mount Everest

LAT Islamic Study MCQs

The effective system of Zakat can ensure the elimination of ___?

Ans: Poverty

How many Madni Surahs are in Holy Quran?

Ans: 28

Second Mother Name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Ans: Umm Ayman

Meesaq-e-Madina was between?

Ans: Muslims and Jews

In which Surah regulations about Prisoners are given?

Ans: Surah Nisa

Uhud is located in which direction of Madina?

Ans: North Direction

According to Quran, the Unpardonable Sin is?

Ans: Shirk

What Does Prophet Means?

Ans: Messenger of Allah


Amount of Zakat on 28,560?

Ans: 714

The Supplementary angle of 160 degrees is?

Ans: 20 degrees

12????5 + 18????6 = ?

Ans: 6????5 (3????+2)

What is the set of natural numbers?

Ans: N ={1,2,3,4,5,6,… }


مسافر کا متضاد؟

جواب: مقیم

تقریر کا متضاد؟

جواب: تحریر


جواب: ادنیٰ


جواب: کثیف




Essay Topics

  • Hard Work is a key to success.
  • Tree Planting Can save Earth.
  • The Role of Teachers?

Personal Statement

What Effects does COVID have on your life?

LAT Past Paper Video Part-01:

LAT Past Paper Video Part-02:

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